Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Joplin, MO Fosters

We have a local trap, spay & neuter non-profit (Catsnap) that recently sent two car loads of animal supplies to Joplin, MO. The story goes, they didn't even have time to unload the cars. A line of people were waiting for their arrival and basically unloaded the cars for them the second they arrived. The shelter has over 700 animals. While they were there helping out, they were able to identify some cats and dogs they could transport back here for foster and adoption care. These are animals that are no longer under "tornado hold," i.e. no one has claimed them and the time frame for claiming them has passed. (Of course, if someone were to come along later, I am sure they would do there best to match them up.) They brought back 20 or so cats, but the dogs they wanted to bring back had one more week of tornado hold. As a result, they needed quite a few foster homes to help out. I work with a number of folks who volunteer with Catsnap, and they helped get the tortie we rescued a few months back adopted, so I volunteered to take a trio of kittens, three boys, nine weeks old.

Meet Jet, Solo, and Chewie:
Foster: JetFoster: SoloFoster: Chewie
Foster: Jet.Foster: Solo.Foster: Chewie.
The morning after they arrived.


Solo and Jet goofing around.

Chewie on the move.

They all got flea-dipped when they arrived in town. They are on worm medicine. They are all sneezing, so they are amoxicillin. Solo and Jet seems to be thriving. Chewie is the smallest and wheezes the most. Solo is a bit of a food hog. A co-worker totally called him out as the trouble maker just by looking at his picture. :-p

Hopefully they will all be healthy enough to be neutered next week since that is a necessary step before they can go to a forever home. I am not sure if they will stay with us until they get adopted or just until Catsnap has some room for them elsewhere, but for now they are enjoying ruling the spare bedroom. :)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Kaeng Raeng Detox

I felt the strongest urge to do a detox the last few weeks, and Vegan Cuts had discount offer for Kaeng Raeng products, so I jumped on it. I have fasted before, but I wouldn't say I've done a cleanse, so I appreciate the idea of a pre-made mix that has all the nutrition packed into it for me. Plus? Vegan, non-GMO soy, recycled packaging, local ingredients, etc. This is not meant to be a fast. You are encouraged to drink the three servings per day in any order or combination, and then supplement your drinks with a raw, vegan diet (per the box). I recall the web site saying raw fruits and vegetables, which is different from everything a raw, vegan diet can be, so I am sticking with just raw fruits and vegetables if I feel the need to crunch on something.