Wednesday, February 16, 2011

February Update

What is going on lately? Well, I finished the afghan.(Since then I have made a baby blanket and a hat, and I am about 50% done with another hat.) The thyroid issues that appeared to be brought on by taking a multi-vitamin have dissipated. (One more follow-up appointment and a biopsy is on the schedule. We'll see what happens next.) Then there is this little trip to Ireland. Counting down the days! (Roughly four weeks left. Yes!) Happily, last night I had a chance to enjoy some time with friends in the presence of Cary Judd's music. He has been touring in the area, if you can count WI, IL, IN, and PA as all one area, and fortunately he was able to secure some time in town for a brief set. I highly recommend checking out Looking Back from Space and Goodnight Human if you enjoy an eclectic folk style.

Since it's been almost a month since my last update, I think it's safe to guess this will be my update for this month. I will do my best to prove myself wrong.

The finished afghan. It is plenty large enough for a full or queen bed. It could probably work on a king as well. ♥
I used some of the leftover purple yarn for the hat. The color photographs differently every shot. *sigh*