Monday, October 04, 2010

Lion's Share T-Shirt Giveaway

Even before I became vegan, I envied bloggers who traveled extensively. Oh, how I wish that were me. When I do travel now, I plan to use all the tips and tricks I acquire from the lovely folks at Vegan Backpacker. An extra special bonus for following them is knowledge about other awesome vegan people, their products, and occasionally the distribution of their products for FREE.

That's right. Contests. For free stuff. Free, vegan stuff. We're pretty awesome people.

Right now, you have a little while longer to enter a contest for a free vegan t-shirt from Lion's Share Industries. From the contest post:
  • "Lion’s Share Industries is a Seattle-based t-shirt company that’s created a special art and fashion experiment made possible by many talented vegans and friends-of-vegans all around the world."
All you have to do to be in the running is comment with your favorite t-shirt design from a handful of choices. (Hint: They all rock.) If you are so inclined, you can do a few other activities and comment again for bonus entries. So hurry over there and enter the contest!

    Sunday, October 03, 2010

    Rescues & Soup

    The title would suggest all I have been up to the past few weeks is being a super hero and making (or eating) soup, but the reality is I have been going about our ordinary activities with just a few acts of super heroism and soup (making and eating) tossed it.

    On Friday, I spent a few hours over at some friends' house for some vegan fun and games. It was a good time with delicious food, new friends, and a hilarious game of pictophone (or telenary). You play the game by taking a long piece of paper divided into ten or so sections and pass it around the room alternating writing a sentence or drawing a picture. The goal is to have the last sentence resemble the first sentence as closely as possible.The first person writes a sentence, any sentence, then passes the paper to the person on their left. That person must draw a picture representing the sentence, fold the paper down so the sentence is hidden, and then pass the paper to their left. The third person now starts with the picture and must write a sentence representing the picture, and so on. Each time, the paper is folded so the new person has just one sentence or picture to work with. You can see how it is a combination of pictionary and telephone, yes? Much hilarity ensued.