Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vegan Chocolate Doughnuts

Since picking up my blog again, I've made more of an effort to read the blogs I am following (and to follow a boat load more). I actually open Google Reader almost Every. Day. It's amazing the information you acquire when you follow-through on reading saved blogs and articles. (And it just feels good to be reading something that fits your interests and having yet more options at your fingertips if your brain needs a break from your own life.)

Most often, I find myself tagging and starring posts with recipes I will want to try someday. The other day, one such post appeared and was immediately starred, flagged, tagged, and printed. If I could have done more to remind myself about this post and recipe, I would have. (I guess I did. I put it on Facebook, too. Ha!) What inspired this fit of over-bookmarking a recipe? Well, the Happy Herbivore referenced her post from last summer for Vegan Chocolate Doughnuts, that's what! (Now, these are on the healthier side for a number of reasons - not the least of which is that they are baked, not fried - but they are still yummy, scrumptious doughnuts. Mmm.)

Of course, plenty of people bookmark/tag recipes and probably never get back around to them. Myself included. Or, you make it once and then it gathers dust in Google Reader (or my brain). However, I had a good reason to make something soon. I joined a local vegan Meetup group a few weeks ago, and I thought the doughnuts sounded like the perfect (odd) choice of food to bring to the next potluck. (I posted the link on Facebook and received a thumbs up from one of the organizers, so they can't be too odd of a choice.)

With vegan baking, even though I am pretty confident in my skills, it is always best to serve something that you have tried your hand at before. So, I spent an hour last night conducting a trial batch. Like a lot of vegan baking recipes, they are super fast to put together, and you can clean up as they are baking in the oven. Easy as pie. (Mmm, pie.) The recipe only makes around nine doughnuts, so I will have to double or triple it for the upcoming potluck.

The results? Good! I think the main improvement I would make is adding just a bit more of the liquid ingredients to hold off any of the dryness. (It's possible I didn't measure my dry ingredients very well ... eyeballing it counts, right?) I also needed to make a bigger batch of the icing that the recipe instructs. That's no big deal. The best part of making the batter - aside from any taste-testing that may or may not have occurred - was not having the crushed any vegan chocolate chips. I was across town when shopping for the baking supplies, and I went into a Schnuck's I haven't visited in five or more years. Guess what I found there. Ghirardelli mini chips I never knew existed! Perfect!

Enough with the babbling. On to the pictures!

The batter in the pan. I really didn't know how full or smooth to make it. Not a big deal.
Out of the oven and iced. Mmm.
Ready for a taste test? Yes!
P.S. Thanks to Quigs78 for the loaner on the doughnut pan. I will definitely invest in one of my own.

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Lindsay (Happy Herbivore) said...

the photos are amazing!! so glad you liked them!