Saturday, September 11, 2010

More Cheering at Sporting Events!

I was pretty bummed that we had to miss the first soccer game of the season this morning, but it is a park district team (versus a school team) so cross country won out. The meet started at 9:30am (the bus left at 6:45am), and the game was at 8:30am, so there really wasn't a way to make it work. The opponent was our old coach's new team. The league is so small though (four teams) that we will get to play them again. Our new team lost (by a fluke goal according to one of the opposing coaches), which I am hoping will knock down some of the egos I have seen on the new team. Is that wrong somehow?

Back to cross country: I love watching these kids run. I take pictures of the entire team (when I can catch them going by), and usually there are one or two favorite shots. I won't share those of other students here, but I can share one of The Boy. :-)

I think this is my favorite shot of him from today. It was a grey, drizzling day, so I spent some time playing with the manual settings on my camera to make sure they came out, and they did. Win! (Sometimes I get so frustrated that my camera can't focus quickly enough or on the correct runner in the pack, but I am still attributing that failure to myself until I learn a few more tricks.)

I can't believe my camera did what I wanted!

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