Saturday, September 18, 2010

Happy Hybrids & Photography

Last night I attended a fundraiser event for the local Big Brothers/Big Sisters organization, and there was a silent auction. Two of the auction items caught my eye.

First, there was a photographer (Virgina Pinkston) who and a picture of an old truck on her business card. I was so excited that is was the same truck I found on some back roads that I started telling her about it, but it turns out her truck was in Michigan, not Illinois. Here is the picture on her site. Below are some shots I took of my truck.
1941 Chevrolet pickup truck.
Obviously, I was wrong as my truck is much older than hers, but in my defense it was a teeny-tiny picture. :-) Still, there is some resemblance.
1941 Chevrolet pickup truck.
(I have a group of pictures from our back road adventure you can see on Flickr.)

The second auction was a basket of adorable creations by a company called Happy Hybrids. I saw two ladies getting their picture taken with the basket, so I asked if they were the creators. They were, and I asked them about the materials they used. It looked like they repurposed some Halloween gloves and wool. It turns out, I was right. Not only that, but everything they create uses recycled products, and it's locally owned/run. I hinted (pretty heavily) that they might be a good fit for selling their creations at B. Lime in downtown Champaign, and I hope they contact the store.

Visit their web site or the Happy Hybrids Facebook Group to see the super cute creations!

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