Saturday, September 18, 2010

Dinner: Vegan Yam & Carrot Curry

I was quite proud of myself for the lack of laziness I displayed in the kitchen tonight despite our long day and my lower back pain. (Yay for being a girl! Not. (I am helping Shawn Spencer bring it back.)) Yes, I did just double-parentheticize. Which is a word.

Back. Pain.

I really wanted some curry on the drive home, and I successfully resisted stopping at a restaurant (which would have cost $30 with tip for just The Boy and I without appetizers or drinks). Since I made it all the way home, I decided I owed it to myself to make some curry. The other day, I picked up some Garnet Yams from the co-op after seeing them advertised on sale, and I was curious how they would be different from yams and sweet potatoes I had had before. I did a search on a vegan potato curry and decided I could whip something together pretty easily.

Our dinner tonight.

Vegetable Oil
OG Yellow Onion
OG Garnet Yam
OG Baby Carrots
Red Curry Paste
Coconut Milk
Sesame Seeds
Chia Seeds
(Over OG Long Grain Brown Rice)

I had two recipes up to compare their ingredients and decided the simpler recipe made more sense. The more complicated recipe was going to turn out spicy, and The Boy is not a lover of the spicy stuff. (I am, but I can take one for the team.) This was my first time using coconut milk from a can. I was quite surprised by all the fatty goodness at the top of can! Who knew?
The Boy patiently waits while his plate is captured.

If I had to change anything, I would be more careful about the oil used for the garlic and onion. It was too much. (I tend to eyeball the ingredients to most of the things I cook.) It kept the dish from being farther on the creamy side from the oily side. It was still delicious, though, and we have three solid servings tucked away in the fridge for meals early this week (if it survives tomorrow).

It even received the stamp of approval from The Boy who immediately said he'd rather not eat it when he saw it on the stove. I gave him a small bite, and he was converted. Here's hoping we don't wake up orange tomorrow.

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Des said...

That looks amazing. I want to give that a try.