Friday, August 27, 2010

Ten Days

It has been ten days since my last post. It felt like there was nothing happening that I needed to post about, so I didn't. Here's a run-down of what's been going on that keeps my mind occupied and procrastinating about almost everything else.

My grandmother in Peoria has been in either the hospital or a rehabilitation facility for about four weeks now. She started off in the hospital due to problems breathing, and when they moved her to a rehabilitation facility to regain her strength she acquired an infection (c. difficile). As a result of the infection (and medication, IMO), she was nauseous, not eating, and losing whatever strength she had managed to build, so it was back to the hospital she went.

The challenge right now is with communication. Mom is doing her best to make sure everything is taken care of, including bills, insurance, and changes at home so Grandma can eventually return to an environment clear of smoke remnants, but she lives in Springfield, so it has been up to my aunt and uncle who live in Peoria to take care of things when Mom is not there. Taking a situation like this at face value and ignoring any other influences that might be at play, good communication is key, but it doesn't always happen. Things have been better since Mom took up my suggestion of sending frequent updates via email to all concerned parties. It is a venue where everything can be documented, and everyone has the opportunity to "reply all" if they choose to take it. So far, not many have, but the updates still serve their purpose. Mom has been driving between Springfield and Peoria nearly everyday, sometimes multiple times a day, and I can only say thank goodness our highways are about getting between two large-ish cities and not about getting around one massive city like some or I might not be able to stand the sympathy driving angst I feel. (Keep in mind, that distance and time is city to city, not house to hospital, as Google sees it, so add some more time and mileage to get an idea of the real drive.)

Due to the infection, Grandma is more isolated and stricter measures are taken with hospital staff and visitors to prevent the bug from spreading. Apparently, this is one nasty bug. With school and sports starting up, we haven't been up to visit her in two weeks now, but I plan to be up there Saturday after The Boy's first cross country meet of the season. Hopefully, Grandma will be able to go home soon. One of her doctors says it can take 4-6 weeks to kick this bug, but the results are more positive this morning than they have been all week, so I am optimistic. This weekend is supposed to be crammed packed with events (cross country, 15-year class reunion, Epiphany Farms tour, vegan potluck), but I may skip them everything post-meet. (I can't miss or pull The Boy from that!)

Grandma and I in Spokane, WA on the way to Pullman, WA before my first year at WSU. (1994)
In other news, the moon was beautiful last night, and I braved mosquitoes by the lake to get a few pictures. Depending on your monitor display, you may not be able to see the lake and tree line in the picture, but it's there. I ♥ my camera.


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