Sunday, August 08, 2010

Sunny Weekend

One of the major perks of having a long, LONG road trip in your rear view mirror is all other drives which seemed just one annoying tad too long before are just amusing glimpses of your local highways.

We took a little trip to Peoria yesterday to help clean, pack, and tear apart my grandmother's basement. She has been in the hospital for the past two weeks (and now a rehabilitation center) due to some problems breathing, and we are in the process of ridding the house of as much nicotine smothered items as possible. One uncle who is living in the house has continued to smoke in the basement, so we are tackling it first.

Tall church window.

Despite all of the angst that comes with major events in families, I do enjoy spending time with the family. Tearing out a good chunk of the drop ceiling and ripping off wall paneling can't hurt when needing an outlet either. In addition to all the tearing apart, my aunt purchased a sofa from the local Habitat for Humanity Restore, so we also did a lot of hauling. The old sofa had to come out, some chairs had to come out, and the new sofa had to come down. In reality, the six hours we spent working downstairs only touched on about one-fourth of the real work.

We didn't get home until close to 9:30pm, so it was straight to bed to get some sleep. I overheard a couple from Michigan staying in Glacier National Park say that the only problem that they think they experience with the high altitude was a difficulty getting a deep sleep. After I heard them say it, I thought about it, but couldn't say I felt the same. However, I would say that since we've been home I've had a hard time falling asleep and feeling as though I have achieved a deep sleep. I guess I got used to the altitude and lack of humidity.

I made plans for this morning to go walking with Looseyfur at a park on the other side of Urbana, so it was up early to hop on my bike to get there. I was really feeling the need to get in some activity after virtually nothing since our trip. You can only blame the broken toe for so long. The ride from our neighborhood to the park is a little more than 8 miles, and I took a slightly longer route on the way home, so I logged over 18 miles. Our walk around the park (twice) logged over 3.5 miles in just over an hour. I was ever so ready for my banana and yerba latté when I got home. I snagged two of the ripest cherry tomatoes off the front porch plants and ate those beauties (after a quick rinse) as soon as I could. Mmm.

Later today I am interviewing with our student chapter of Habitat for Humanity. The adviser position will be empty soon, and I would love to get involved with them. Other than that, Beth is in town from California, so we are going to try to see her and the boys. It's been a solid year since we saw them last, I believe, so I must remember my camera!

Tomorrow it will be back to work for a 4-day work week, and then NYC! It has been at least 5-6 years since I have been in NYC for a Common Rotation show or any other reason. They are finally back there playing shows Friday and Saturday on a weekend I could travel, so I booked it. I will be spending the weekend with Wendy who I probably haven't seen since the PBP in 2003! We have the two shows on the books, then a street fair (or two), and I plan on walking, walking, walking during my free time. I want to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge. I want to walk one of the other bridges to get to the Socrates Sculpture Park. I doubt I will do any of the touristy things you have to pay for. I've already done the Empire State Building, and I do not wish to waste multiple hours of the 48 I have in the line or elevator. (For the record, 48 hours is a long time for my weekend trips to the coasts.)

Time for another yerba and to see what I can scrounge together for today's vegan lunch!

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