Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Forever Young Adult

I forgot to mention in my New York, New York write-up about a little subway adventure. On Saturday when I was on the 6 heading from the Metropolitan Museum of Art back to the hotel, there was a girl reading a Percy Jackson book on the bench. I tried to resist talking to her about it, but in the end I couldn't.

You see, my friend Erin is a part of the wild antics and random capitalization over at the site Forever Young Adult. Recently, she and her cohorts were interviewed for the Huffington Post. This being fresh in my mind, I wanted to connect to a fellow young adult female who appeared to enjoy (and, I predicted, primarily enjoys) Young Adult books.

I asked her if it was her first time reading the Percy Jackson books, and she said yes. I then scrounged through my memory to recall The Hunger Games and insisted those should be her next books to read. She said a friend had been telling her the same thing for the last few weeks. She mentioned another series that I had not heard of (Egypt, Kids, Something Happens to the Parents - help me out?), and I lobbed back James Patterson's YA series, Maximum Ride.

We talked about how I read almost all of the series that the boy reads, and she commented that she was glad to hear that some parents are staying in touch with what their children read. (She works at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and talked about the tours they have with Percy Jackson information tied in and specifically geared towards the kids. Very cool, non?) She laughed a little about she and her friend enjoying YA books so much, so I instantly shared the existence of Forever YA and let her know she is not alone in the world. ;-) (She said, "So, it's a place for people like me," and laughed guiltily, to which I said, "Yes!")

This all leads me to the most important link of all. If you have been reading the Hunger Games and Catching Fire, if you are eagerly awaiting Mockingjay, then you need to get up to speed on the Great Peeta vs. Gale Debate over at FYA.

This is Important Stuff.

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