Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Food, Inc.

When I made the decision to go vegan a little over two years ago, it was a decision made like many others: quickly, cold turkey, resolutely, no turning back. I had just finished reading Skinny Bitch after briefly discussing it with a friend, and that was it for me. You could describe me as almost a vegetarian prior to going vegan, but even that is stretching it a bit. I simply did not like handling or preparing meat. That isn't to say I would always pick a veggie dish while eating out. I had the easy mentality that I see portrayed in Food, Inc., and I will fess up to it, too.

There are so many reasons to go vegetarian or vegan, and there are many more reasons to simply educate ourselves about the food we choose to purchase and put into our bodies. If you haven't watched Food, Inc. or if you would really like to own it, now is the perfect time. Amazon has a great sale on the DVD. (The blu-ray price isn't too bad, either.) I highly recommend it.

Food, Inc.

Heck, pick up a copy to loan out to friends and family. I waited for months to borrow it from my local library, so I know it was in high demand in our community. I am not out to convert folks to veganism, but I do like the idea of educating people.


SunnyD said...

We watched a similar themed documentary in my nutrition class about the studies that had been done on primarily plant focused diets. It really was amazing. I'll have to see about getting this one at Rentertainment and watching it with the key meat eater in my family. :-)

Dana said...

I highly recommend it. Even if it doesn't turn people off of eating meat, I do think it is enlightening about those industries as well as the dominating companies, GMO crops, politics, etc.

Britney said...

This movie has some pretty sad and hard to watch parts. Its a good documentary, but parts of it are hard to stomach and hard not to cry at.