Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Elsinore, Yes Yes Yes

I feel like it has been on that side of forever since I've heard some new Elsinore, so I was very excited when another beloved folk rocker, Cary Judd, linked to their new album this morning on Facebook.

Since then, I have been listening to "Yes, Yes, Yes" in between meetings, completely overwhelming my intention of listening to the score from Inception all day long in a grueling test of my sanity. Who needs to know if they are sane when there is delicious local music to listen to?

Have a taste.

<a href="http://elsinoreparasol.bandcamp.com/album/yes-yes-yes">Landlocked by Elsinore</a>

After a few listens, I realized it felt like a Radiohead vibe was coming out of the songs. "Landlocked" and "Gasoline," in particular, caught me in a bit of The Bends reminiscing. "Lines" is one of my favorites from an outdoor performance last spring/summer. Absolutely an album I can listen to straight through with many favorites. (I set a "3 song love" minimum on any album or I don't buy it. Can you guess where "Yes, Yes, Yes" fell?)

If you need a little more whimsy and a little less rigidity in your day, give Elsinore a play. (Then give Cary a play, too.)

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VeganLinda said...

I love Elsinore, but haven't bought Yes Yes Yes yet. Sounds like I must.