Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Say hello to our newest friend! I am thinking of calling her 'Rink' because Sprinkles just does not roll off the tongue. ;-)

Sprinkles enjoying some attention.
"I like my little bed."
She's only 8lbs to Fulgie's 12lbs and Thyme's 14lbs. She has this light cream on her face, the tip of her tail, and a couple of random cream-colored toes. She also has one of those tails that you know is going to get longer and all furry like Fulgie's. =)

The box/pillow is the bed Jack made her, along with a welcome sign, the other morning. Hee.

She's going to spend a few days in the computer room while the other two get used to the idea of a new cat. Hopefully it won't take more than a week because I don't like leaving her in there.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Wish Lists

Prodigy: Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (me)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, 2-disc special edition (Jack)
ALIAS Season 4 (me)
Roswell Season 3 (me)
Veronica Mars Season 1 (me)

Dark Tower: A Concordance I, Robin Furth (me)
Dark Tower: A Concordance II, Robin Furth (me)

Other ideas: Jack loves comic books right now. He has a subscription to Marvel's 'all ages' Spiderman comic, but they also have a Fantastic Four 'all ages' comic he does not have a subscription to. He is also into drawing and origami. He especially likes drawing books with step-by-step guides. Clotheswise, he is wearing a size 8 in tops and bottoms. His shoes are just about to size 3. As far as what he needs, he could probably use some boots, a spring jacket, and maybe an extra winter hat and pair of gloves. The easier to get on, the better, for the gloves. I'll try to think of some more fun things for him soon.