Friday, January 07, 2005

Projects everywhere!

Once I made it home from Christmas, I had a terrible urge to do something. Thus was born my neverending need to do projects. I've had quite a few items on a list in my head for a while now, and I started tackling the list with the bathroom floor and toilet repair the other week. Since then, I have painted the spare room, put together some storage for the bathroom, bedroom, and spare room, moved the TV out to the livingroom, made chair covers for the dining chairs, and bought paint for the kitchen. I should have pictures of the spare room in another couple of days. I painted it red and did a cool border using a little trick Rose and I did down at her place. Jack took a peek at it and his reaction was "That's TLC colors!" Heh. Which is scarier - that he knows the colors of TLC or that he knows what TLC is? ;-) I think it's cute, not scary, but that's me.

Items to tackle next will be painting the kitchen and creating a border with either the ribbon I have or tiles of some sort. Once I paint, I plan on tearing up the floor and replacing it. It's the same terrible linoleum that was in the bathroom, and it has started peeling up in places. Very annoying. I sold my tall white pantry thing the other day, so now I have more room (but less storage) in the kitchen. That's okay though because if I am keeping the big table and more chairs than we need, then I'll take the room over storage. I can always trim down on what is in my cabinets.

Here are a couple of pictures of the chair covers. They aren't the greatest, but at least you get the idea.


We had some rain and freezing temperatures the last two days, so everything has gotten a layer of ice over it. It's very pretty to look at, but very dangerous. The roads haven't been great, and the power was going out randomly everywhere because the wind picked up today and caused lots of the trees to fall down. The duplex down the street had what looked like a whole tree in their driveway. Good thing they (and their car) weren't home.

I took way too many pictures this evening right before sunset because I wanted to capture some of it. Here is a link to the gallery. You have to be logged in to see them. I've given you your login and password information before, but if you need it again, just email me. You can register, but that particular gallery is private for family and friends. I have a few more that I haven't put in there that are a broader view of the house and trees. The branches are so weighed bown that some are almost touching the roof, the ground, and sunk into the water that was flooding and is now frozen over in the backyard.

I guess that's everything for now. I need to go ahead and get some sleep. Go figure needing sleep.

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