Sunday, November 28, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am a few days late, but that is what happens when I am away from my computer, at family with dial-up (and other family members online instead of me), or without a connection entirely.

Thanksgiving was pretty quiet this year. Frank and David were back. Amy is settled into her house for the most part, and mom and Dave were up for the meal as well. Jack and I drove up on Thursday morning since the houses were pretty full already. The roads were completely fine, but we saw plenty of cars/trucks still in the ditches from the storm the previous night. It was raining all day Wednesday, it turned into sleet around noon, and by the time I picked Jack up from school, it was snow. It was very wet though, so it wasn't the kind you could really play in. And now it is already all gone.

We got to stay in Amy's new place for the first time Thursday night. It is already coming together very nicely. Jack stayed up late to watch the Grinch with Amy while I went and watched movies with Matt and his brother, Todd. We watched "28 Days Later" which was okay, but I was expecting more for all the fuss I remember about the movie. After the gore though, we needed some fluff, so we put in "Daredevil." That was the worst movie ever; so bad, it was fluff light. ;-)

Friday morning we headed out to Bloomington to catch our flight to Orlando. I actually didn't get pulled aside in security this time. It's every other time, so I guess I should expect to be pulled aside on our Christmas trips. The flight was pretty uneventful. The weather was all clear, so we had no problem getting out on time. We got to Orlando right after 5pm, and Rose and Chuck met us outside of the airport.

Our quick weekend in Orlando was spent moving a few things from their old place to the new one and rearraning/unpacking things that were already there. The new place is just around the corner from their old complex, and it is very nice. They are around the corner from the parking lot, which is less fun because of the walk, but nice because they are away from all traffic and have the pond/lake on that side. Friday night we got to see Nita, Teresa, and Margie briefly, and then got dinner at the usual spot. Josh was heading to work, so he stopped by for a while there.

Saturday morning was the usual breakfast with Dale, although the crossword puzzle got left behind. Oh, because the newspaper had messed up the delivery schedule, that's right. We went to the old place to get a few more things, then Chuck had to take poor Keely to the vet, so Rose and I got to work in the new place. During that day, we got the bookshelves in the diningroom, the computer desk and other furniture in the livingroom, the daybed and desk in the spare room, and the kitchen stuff sets up. The cable also got all figured out, and I got the computer set up, but the DSL wasn't working because of the phone jack. Nothing ever goes 100% smoothly, but that's okay. It was good just to get that stuff started so they could get settled into the place after all the moving. And there is still a load or two of things at the old place, but hopefully that will all be taken care of tomorrow.

We went to dinner Saturday night, had a slightly late night, then crashed since Jack and I had to head home somewhat early on Sunday. This morning, we just took our time, had breakfast, then went to the airport. The line at security was very long, but somehow it moved extremely fast, so we ended up at our gate with one hour still before our flight. Jack hadn't been feeling well all morning, and slept off and on almost the whole flight home. We made it back from Bloomington with no problem. The car was still there, although someone with a turquoise car was nice enough to share their paint with my passenger side door. Grr. The house is still here, as are the cats, although slightly noisier than usual. Jack is out playing with the neighbors, and we have to figure out dinner. I didn't take pictures this weekend, so nothing to share there.

Okay, better go check on the boys. :)

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