Monday, November 29, 2004

Christmas Lists

I am always very bad about making a list, so here goes:

Dana's List
U2's new CD (Aimée I think has "claimed" this one.)
Wonderfalls DVD complete series
Lowe's, Target, Barnes & Noble, or Jo Ann Fabrics (Michael's?) gift certificates
Any CD by Remy Zero, Frou Frou, or Zero 7 (I don't have any. Details by Frou Frou, Simple Things by Zero 7, or the Garden State soundtrack are good ideas.)
ETA: We went to the store, and I remembered a few more things ...
Bathroom rugs (cream, one big one or two smaller ones)
Jem CD
Damien Rice CDs - "O", or "Cannonball." (harder to find)

Jack's List
Spiderman Web Blaster (Aunt Trudy has "claimed" this one.)
Magic Tree House books (Any over #25 now because he has #20 and will probably get through a few more before Christmas.)
Aladdin DVD (I think Mom "claimed" this one.)
Monster's Inc. DVD Collector's Edition
khaki or navy pants, size 7/8
paper for crafts (blank of any kind would be good because he is always creating something, usually stories or drawings)
Legos (but only small sets, not huge ones because he has quite a few already; Jack Stone is still a winner.)

If you need more ideas or have questions, just let me know. :-)

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