Friday, October 08, 2004

Marathon Days

Okay, an update before the race:

We are heading to Chicago tomorrow morning around 9am. We will get to town by noon, go to the hotel to park, hop the shuttle over to the Expo, pick up our packs, and then just wander the rest of the way through our day.

Our team is meeting at 6am at the hotel lobby to bus over to the race start area. The forecast is for sunny (no rain, please!) and cool temperatures. This should be a perfect day for running.

My bib number is 22965. You can sign up for text messages or email notifications of my status/finish here. I'll tell you right now though that I won't be a speed demon. ;-) For this one, my goal is to finish respectably. We'll see how this one goes before planning a goal for the next one.

Thanks for all of your support so far. You helped me raise over $1400 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Our team mentor lost his dad to leukemia last week, so we will all be running in honor of him too. This will be a very special race for him and the rest of us.

Okay ... time to get mentally prepared. The plan is pasta tonight. They say it's the meals you eat two days before that really count. I *must* get lots of sleep tonight. And I *must* do some serious stretching.

I've got my shoes, shorts, shirt(s). I have some Gu. I'm ready. XD

Miles: 295
Hours: 75
Funds: $1435

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