Saturday, September 18, 2004

We're Still Alive

Honest. Things have just been insanely busy. Between marathon training, Alice in Wonderland, school starting back up, fundraisers, family events, and life in general, we haven't had a down day in quite a while.

Alice in Wonderland opened last night. Jack is the Dormouse. His costume has the teapot lid on his head, and then the rest of the time he is either wearing the teapot or sitting inside it and popping out to say his lines. It went very well last night. They will have two weekends of shows, and then that is one activity I can scratch off our list.

Jack in costume.

School is going well so far. Jack is back at the after-school program and doing fine. He is going to the tap classes again, and I think they are trying to schedule an event already.

Today was the 20-mile run for the marathon training. My fundraising is over $1000 now, but I have a little ways to go to reach the $1400 minimum. Hopefully the last events we did will bring that in. I am not too worried though because at this point I am pretty close.

So, only 3 weeks until the marathon. We will be going up on Saturday with one of the other runners, Patti. That day we go to the expo to pick up our packets, then there is a pasta party that night. The race doesn't start until 8am, but I think we meet downstairs to go over as a group around 7am. Once the race is over, we have to check in at the Team in Training tent, there is a celebration party at 5pm I think, and then we are driving back home because Jack has school on Monday. Rats. But I won't make him miss school.

Work has been going well. We have two new people on our staff, and the extra help is nice.

Of course, it was a major hurricane week (or two), so we were always trying to keep tabs on the family down in the Orlando area. Thankfully, nothing too serious happened at their homes, although power was lost and most of the city was closed down for a while. I hope we are able to get down to visit soon!

Aimée and Craig started their school year now. She said that is going pretty good. Ethan will be four years old soon. Yay! :)

I guess that's it for now. I have to try to wrangle Jack in. He's outside playing with the neighbors, and we had to make a deal because he didn't want to come in for a bath or lunch, lol. I guess I was crazy about playing with my friends when I was young, but I am pretty sure I stopped for food or something!