Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Summer is Over!

Well, it was fun while it lasted. Summer is almost over for us, and it has been a very busy summer indeed.

Jack and I took a road trip vacation out to Pennsylvania to surprise Aimée, Craig, Ethan, and Cameron. We could only stay a day because we were on our way to Fredericksburg, Virginia to a family reunion for the Boutwell family. We spent 4 days there with Rose and all of her family. We missed Chuck this time around, but we will see him soon. We also got to take a day trip into Washington, D.C., which was a first for me too. There is so much to see, I don't think one day is enough time. We took a tour around the capital mall, saw Arlington Cemetary, and most of the other monuments. We didn't have time to do any of the museums except for the Air & Space museum. Jack had a good time though, and taking the train is always a plus for him.

I am still training for the Chicago marathon. Only 50 (give or take) days left! Work has been busy, but good. The students move in this weekend, so the craziness level is about to increase. The house has been sitting there all summer getting nothing done to it. The cats are needy and strange as ever. I did manage to make the covers for the cushions like I wanted, but other than that, I really haven't done any house projects in a while.

Jack starts first grade on the 25th. We have "Meet the Teacher" night this Thursday. I am really excited for that. They only had two first grade classrooms last year, and this year they added a third. Jack ended up in the third room with the new teacher, but he is still excited because it's someone new. ;-)

He auditioned for "Alice in Wonderland" a few weeks ago and got the part of the Dormouse. We have rehearsals for 4 more weeks, and then the play opens in September. It is a very fast turnaround this time compared to "A Christmas Carol." It should be a very cute play, though.

I need to redesign Mike's site. I would like to get a better (read: true) design going for my design site. I want to revamp this one, and maybe get Jack to use his more too. So many things to do and not nearly enough time!

Oh, this weekend was our family reunion. It was a good time. I was pretty tired after the weekend because I was up early on Saturday for a long run with the marathon group, drove to Peoria, was up until 1am, then back up at 7am to get down to the reunion site. We had to move the tables and get things set up ahead of time. Then, we were there until 5:30pm and had to drive home right after. That was a long day! Jack actually fell asleep in the car right after we went through Bloomington, which he hasn't done in forever. Poor thing was totally wiped out. I could tell he was overly tired too because he was up two times that night, but last night was better even though we got to bed late because of rehearsal.

Jack had a good time at the reunion playing with Grant and generally getting dirty. I made the mistake of giving him a bath that morning, and the first thing he did was plop down in the sand and dig tunnels under the playground equipment. Oh well. :)

Time to get some work done!

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