Wednesday, May 12, 2004

It's May!

Time sure flies when you are busy and stressed and the like.

My birthday was great. I did nothing at the time, but we celebrated it at Mother's Day last weekend. We went to mom's house and cooked out. Grandma and Aunt Amy came down, and it was the first time Grandma got to see mom's new house. We spent most of Saturday afternoon/evening working on moving things around and preparing for company. My arms were surprisingly sore the following days.

Thanks to mom and Aimée/Craig/the boys, I have some Lowe's gift certificates to use. I wish I had been carrying them both last night because we ran to Lowe's quickly to get a support bracket thing for a window air conditioner, and the only one they had was $30. Sheesh. I was expecting to spent $20, and yes $30 isn't much more, but still that was all of my one gift certificate right there. It is a very nice product though. I only had to drill a couple of holes, and you can install it from the inside of the house - no stretching and reaching outside, no extension cords, and no drilling into the outside of my house.

This means I now have a window A/C in my bedroom window. I decided to put it there because that was one of the windows that didn't have a screen anyway. I can cool that room down, then use one of our fans to push the air out. Jack's room always stays cool, and he has a ceiling fan and box fan in his window for at night if he needs it. I debated putting it in the kitchen, but the cats probably wouldn't like that, and I really didn't like the idea of the eyesore there. It's much less conspicuous in my room. I just hope it doesn't get too hot that we need to use it a lot. It's the most efficient on the little yellow tag all appliances seem to come with these days, but that doesn't mean I believe it. ;-)

It seems like last year I didn't hardly use the old one Porter had given us in the computer room, so maybe this year will be a mild summer too.

Speaking of the summer, it is fast approaching. Jack will be finishing up kindergarten in only a couple more weeks. The first school year, already done. Amazing. I already have him signed up for summer camps with the park district. Unfortunately, he couldn't get all five weeks in the same program as his friends, but he does get 3 weeks (I think) at the art camp with his friends, and it's a max size of 25. The other two weeks he will be in a science camp with a max of 50. I am thinking that camp isn't as full, so hopefully the size will be smaller than 50. Still, considering the general camps take 100-125, I will gladly take 50.

Oh, my friend Deb graduated from UCLA law school this past weekend too. Congratulations, Deb! :D

And, Happy Birthday Aimée!

What else? The cats are still crazy. My cushion covers project is going well. I have three of the six covers made so far. I have enough material to make 4 sets, but eventually I may need 5 sets. Aunt Amy still has the other two-seater thing in her truck. If I had that to the collection, my livingroom will be super crowded, and I will need the extra set of covers. So, I think I am going to go look for some material that would go with the one I have used up. The one right now is a purple with a swirly pattern in it. I have little throw pillows that are violet. So, I am thinking I will look for a solid purple/violet material. Then, I can make two sets and swap out which chairs use the solid and pattern covers. Once this is done, the livingroom will be almost done with the decorating kick I have been on. I want to take the tall stack of shelves that were in Jack's room and put them in the livingroom somewhere though. I need to strip it of the paint I put on there when he was born. I know, I know ... but I took pictures! Nothing can last forever. And the paint peels to a certain extent anyway. Those fake laminate whiteboard things are not really meant to be painted over or something.

I want to put it in the livingroom so I can put photo albums on it. I have so many, and no decent way of displaying them. I really have no shelving for knickknacks right now. I refuse to buy any though because I don't want to put holes in my walls to hang shelves, and I am still planning on building the built-in shelving.

Okay, time to get back to work. They are moving my office this morning, so it's time to shut down the computer. Ack! ;-)

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