Monday, April 19, 2004

Birthday Time

Okay, a real birthday list then.

I think I am going to have to go the gift certificate route this year because I just can't sit down and think of any physical items that I can squeeze into my house. I am constantly trying to get rid of things and organize, so adding more to the collection just isn't appealing. Plus, now that the weather is nice, I am project girl again. So, that means ...


are three great stores to receive gift certificates from. This summer, I have planned to finish the refinishing on my dining set chairs; maybe paint 1-3 of the rooms in the house, redo the floor in the bathroom, and maybe the kitchen floor. Then, there are the outdoor projects which include tearing out the rest of the bushes and weeds from the back property line and installing a fence. I also have this grand scheme deck idea, but that will probably take longer. I don't see a down time from work until July. Scary, I know.

Okay, life update. We spent the weekend at mom's again. Jack had his usual grumpy at bedtime routine since we weren't at home. That was unenjoyable. We spent all day Saturday out and about at the state fairgrounds at the lawn and garden/craft shows. Jack did pretty well, and the lunch picnic/play time helped. I got a couple of plants for the front flower bed, and they are in the ground now. Saturday night, a transformer decided to go boom in mom's neighborhood, so about 5 minutes after our movie ended (8pm), we had no power. I was just getting ready to read HP to Jack for bedtime. Oops. It took about 2 hours for them to get it fixed too. We were outside watching the truck work a block down, when we heard the transformer blow a second time. The bucket was up at the top of the pole too, so I am surprised the worker didn't get hurt.

Jack eventually fell asleep, and on Sunday we went in search of a lawn mower. We were trying to find an electric cordless one like mine, but almost no stores were carrying it, and the one we did find was still $375. I had gotten a good deal on mine apparently, because I don't remember paying more than $250 for it. We also got a canopy to go over the deck, and the installation was very amusing.

So, another weekend of projects. :-)

The cats were of course all crazed when we got home. Thyme kept flopping herself down in front of my feet with her belly in the air for attention. Fulgie of course waited by the water bowl for fresh water. I have come to the conclusion that Thyme thinlks she's a dog. Fulgie is a person. ;-)

This morning was so funny because I had the window in the computer room open, but it doesn't like to stay open so I prop it with a little metal ruler. Well, apparently Fulgie knocked it when she jumped up because I walked back in there looking for something and I see this smooshed cat between the window and screen. She went "mew?" *lol* I let her out and just laughed. Doofus cat. Needless to say, that window is closed for the day so I don't come home to a trapped cat.

Work is stressful. What's new. I'd better get back to it.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

Scooter Pics

I took a few pictures of Jack on his scooter tonight when we got home. He got it during the week, so the last of the birthday presents have rolled through. There are a few pictures in the gallery. :-)

We spent the weekend at mom's house helping her settle in and sort things out some more. Jack spent most of his time either in the tree or on his scooter, lol. But, we got quite a bit done, so that's good. We also watching "It Runs in the Family" on Saturday night. That was a good movie. Who knew a movie full of the Douglas family would be so entertaining.

Time for dinner and bedtime soon, thank goodness. I am tired!