Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Just in case ...

You were wondering. Yes, that last update really was from Jack. :-)

I let him "sign-on" the other morning to post an update. He was playing with his tinkertoys in the morning and decided he needed to ask for more for the next gift-giving event, so I showed him where to type on the blog and where to click when he was done. Ta-da!

So, I need to set him up with his own name so when he posts, it says posted by him.

In other news, I hung some vases w/ roses on the last wall in the livingroom the other day. They look pretty cool. Trying something different since the opposite wall has the big mirror on it. The long wall has my framed comet print, a small mirror, and a big empty space. I think the mirror that was broken (and I recently had cut and sanded) will be going there. Eventually though, that would be the wall that I would put shelves in though.

Here are some pictures of the vases/flowers (1, 2, 3, 4). The neat thing is I can change what I put in the vases depending on the season or my mood. The beads in the bottom are pearlized and copper to go with the copper hangers and the copper I used for my curtain rod. I never thought of copper as an interior design metal (always more of a brushed silver or pewter type person), but I like it in here.

Time to read/update other sites/or go to bed. Happy (early) April Fool's Day!

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