Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Things Are Moving Along

My personal site is mostly back up. I would like to add a forum or guestbook still, but that's not critical. I am going to be changing all of the pages that are pictures to be in the new gallery (click Trinkets). Then, if I am still alive, I would actually like to do a redesign.

Mike-Uhler.com is another story. I transferred the domain because of a good deal at godady.com, and it is taking forever to get transferred! I wonder if stargateinc.com just holds on to them til the last second as punishment to clients who leave? ;-)

Cruel punishment. So, Mike's site still isn't back up. Soon, soon.

Time for bed, as I have three days of project management training in front of me. With roughly 20 other people from my job who, for the most part, I haven't worked directly with or even met. It's bound to be interesting.

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