Tuesday, February 17, 2004

And We're Done

So, theWB is a horrible, evil entity because they've decided to cancel Angel after this season. They are announcing it now before any other ways of pursuing the storylines are finalized just because, apparently, according to their press statement. I think it reads like a bunch of posturing - for what, I can't tell. To keep in David Boreanaz's good graces? To keep Joss on board for future projects? Well, the first one, I suppose is reasonable, but the second one they can forget about since they dropped Buffy and now Angel. I guess the next few weeks will really tell what's going on. It was a total surprise to all the people at ME too. What a fun Friday the 13th that was for them.

But, on to me and my living room. It is 100% done being painted. Now, I just need to get furniture in their places, maybe make room for a few more pieces, add some shelves, then get rid of some clutter. I will probably be tackling the hallway next - then the kitchen/bathroom/small room/my room depending on how much energy I have left after helping mom move next weekend. :-)

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