Tuesday, February 24, 2004

Things Are Moving Along

My personal site is mostly back up. I would like to add a forum or guestbook still, but that's not critical. I am going to be changing all of the pages that are pictures to be in the new gallery (click Trinkets). Then, if I am still alive, I would actually like to do a redesign.

Mike-Uhler.com is another story. I transferred the domain because of a good deal at godady.com, and it is taking forever to get transferred! I wonder if stargateinc.com just holds on to them til the last second as punishment to clients who leave? ;-)

Cruel punishment. So, Mike's site still isn't back up. Soon, soon.

Time for bed, as I have three days of project management training in front of me. With roughly 20 other people from my job who, for the most part, I haven't worked directly with or even met. It's bound to be interesting.


I am in the process of moving this site and MU.com over to a new host, so things will look seriously weird for a few days.


Friday, February 20, 2004

Tuesday, February 17, 2004

And We're Done

So, theWB is a horrible, evil entity because they've decided to cancel Angel after this season. They are announcing it now before any other ways of pursuing the storylines are finalized just because, apparently, according to their press statement. I think it reads like a bunch of posturing - for what, I can't tell. To keep in David Boreanaz's good graces? To keep Joss on board for future projects? Well, the first one, I suppose is reasonable, but the second one they can forget about since they dropped Buffy and now Angel. I guess the next few weeks will really tell what's going on. It was a total surprise to all the people at ME too. What a fun Friday the 13th that was for them.

But, on to me and my living room. It is 100% done being painted. Now, I just need to get furniture in their places, maybe make room for a few more pieces, add some shelves, then get rid of some clutter. I will probably be tackling the hallway next - then the kitchen/bathroom/small room/my room depending on how much energy I have left after helping mom move next weekend. :-)

Sunday, February 15, 2004

Painting, Just call me the ... Painter

Jack's room is done. Before, during, after, after, and after. :-)

The livingroom is well on it's way to being done, so here's a picture of the front window wall. I used a copper pipe to make the curtain rod and took down the blinds because I just don't like those.

Everything used to be white, white, and more white. Now, the trim is this redwood kind of color, and the main areas are this grey/green kind of color. Hard to see in this picture, but I will have more later. Back to painting I go!

Saturday, February 07, 2004

Busy Days

As Jack told my mom on the phone this morning - we're just having one of our busy days. ;-)

And really, we kind of are. I was vacuuming, doing dishes, laundry, etc. The house really needed a cleaning - once over type of deal. It always makes me feel a little bit better to pick things up. Clutter does bother me, even if I am an "organized pile" type of person. Once the piles aren't organized, I get bothered and it is classified as clutter. :-p

Yesterday was an interesting day. We've had a week where the temperature was as long as -25F with the wind chill, but for the past 5 days or so, it's stay up closer to +20-30F. So, when my toilet and bathtub started acting funny - air escaping, not draining properly - I really didn't think it was frozen pipes or anything.

But(!), yesterday, morning routine involves a shower, and I decide to start laundry too. Well, silly me, the rinse cycle apparently started while I was rinsing shampoo out of my hair (irony, you are not funny), and since the pipes decided they were on strike that morning, the water had nowhere to drain to. It decided to flow back up my bathtub's pipes.

So, suddenly I am standing in very cold water, blueish-blackish water, because it has nowhere else to go. It also tries to come up through the toilet I think, but thankfully not so much. I had to hurry out of the shower and turn off the washer so it didn't dump two washer load full water into the tub. As it was, my tub filled to within a few inches of the top. Gross!

I called the city, they came and checked the pipes, supposedly the drain flow was pretty low, so they did some kind of "courtesy" cleaning, and hopefully this will be the last of it. Hopefully it isn't something blocking the pipe on my side of the sidewalk, or else it will be my cost, even though the city owns the pipes.

Of course, the water drained slowly over the day, and I have the ring of disgusting goo around my tub to prove it. For those with strong stomachs, you can click here to see it. Blech!

Now, it's time to clean that up so I can take a shower. We've done some valentines for Jack's class this morning. He's been practising jumprope for a fundraiser at school. He read a selection of poetry last week for the kick-off of Black History Month. They are celebration African-American Authors during the after-school program, so a number of kids chose readings to recite at an assembly of sorts. I guess Jack even went first. :-)

Next week, he has Thurs/Fri off, and I would like to take a trip somewhere, but I don't know if we can. I need to get my taxes done and look/make a budget. I have to plan for a trip to Florida over spring break, and I would like to go out to LA soon to visit Lael and Katrina. Of course, there's also the plans for improving the house that I would like to do too. I got a piece of snail mail the other day from some heating/cooling place in town that's running a special where you get a new furnace for $500 if you purchase some cooling unit, or the other way around, I forget. I just know these next 3 months are the crunch time for those businesses, so I'd like to take advantage of that if I can.

Okay, better finish because Jack's wanting to play a computer game. Of course, the library has better games, lol. Oh well. As soon as we have something other than dial-up for my desktop computer, he can play online games. Add that to the list of things to do too.

Sunday, February 01, 2004

New Year

It's been over a month since I updated because of a few things. My web host was being difficult again - claiming this small, personal web site was using over 5gigs of bandwidth per month (and this was only 18 days into January!), and just life keeping us busy.

But, I wanted to post quickly to say that we are still alive despite the freezing(!) weather, etc.

Hopefully I will have the time to write a real update in the near future.

Oh! But I should say, Congratulations to Shelly and Mike as Erin Paige was born on January 5th! :D