Friday, December 19, 2003

Other Pictures

I finally had a free minute to scan these two pictures in that I have been meaning to for a while now. I had them on a roll of film from September or October, but when I dropped off the film (to get developed and a CD), the kid told me they could do a CD in 1-hour. However, we came back after an hour to find out that the machine for APS film was broken. Funny, two weeks ago I asked him if it was fixed, and he told me it didn't even do CDs from APS film. Argh.

These are from outside of my building at work. I had my camera with me that day, and I felt like taking some pictures of the fall as I left. You can click on them to see the full sized versions in my galleries.

alt="Tree and sunset outside of work."

alt="Bike rack and leaves outside of work."

Anyway, work has been fun today. I am battling with a Crystal report and Kronos. Kronos is a time-keeping server software/hardware monster. I can get the report to work beautifully within Crystal, but you move it to Kronos and it breaks. Lovely. This wouldn't be such a big deal if it wasn't an absolute necessity for our payroll department. There's a major transition happening on campus with data, and this is a part of how we are going to make sure our employees get paid. But hey, no one really wants to get paid on time (or at all), right?

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