Thursday, December 11, 2003

3 More Shows

Well, we had the run through rehearsal tonight. Boy, that was interesting, lol. *Everyone* was goofing off. I don't know that Clay (director) appreciated it too much since he is stressed with his dad being sick and all, but he didn't get outwardly angry either.

The adults were the ones who started it too. ;-)

The first weekend of shows went great. Jack remembered all of his costumes changes between scenes. He entered and exited right when he was supposed to, and my scenes went fine too.

The kids brought some colds to the show though, so we've both been fighting something this week. I stayed home yesterday, missed the holiday party at work, but was back today. I have some pretty big report deadlines this week/Monday, so I really can't afford to be gone. I think I feel a bit better now though. Sometimes just getting moving again is the better thing.

On Saturday, we are going to get to see "The Nutcracker Ballet" with Jack's school. It will be at the Krannert Center on campus. We went to the "Emporer's New Clothes" last week with Rose and Chuck. That was very interesting. It was an opera, which I had never seen it done like that before. A lot of the kids thought it was very weird when the Emporer came out w/ almost nothing on, lol. He was covered decently, but still. I guess they aren't very familiar with the story, so they didn't know to anticipate that.

Rose and Chuck arrived late on Thursday and then had to go home on Monday. We woke up to a light snow on Friday morning, but it was all gone by that night. It was very cool because it was thick, heavy snow. I have some pictures online now. There are some shots there from NYC, family, and home.

Thankfully, the cats are no longer knocking down the tree. Despite breaking a few of the connectors on the train, Jack and Chuck were able to hook it up and put in the batteries. It is actually pretty neat when it's running. A bit loud, but not too obnoxious.

Jack's holiday assembly is the 16th. It's at night, and his class is performing. He told me today that I missed his beautiful singing. So, I know they are singing, but not much else, lol. Poor Ms. C is sick too, so she is going to be out tomorrow. She told me this afternoon that there will be a substitute. I hope it's someone good.

Not a lot else has been happening. It was nice to have a few nights off of rehearsal, and now it is almost over. Of course, at the beginning and in the middle, I was ready for it to be done. Now that it's almost done, I am ready for something else. :-)

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