Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Yay for Community Helpers!


A heating and cooling guy came by yesterday to fix my furnace. It is very quiet now. I have more confidence that it will not blow up. And, it didn't cost me as much as a new one. Oh the little joys in life.

A friend on a parenting message board got berated on (a place I never visit) for ending up having a C-section this past week. Child #2 for her, and the little girl was breech, tangled in her cord, and all sorts of bad things. It was even difficult to get her untangled once they had started the C-section, and other mothers (?) on that site are telling her she "copped-out." What right do they have? They've also said that breast-feeding is gross and disgusting. *sigh*

As one person on the friendly board pointed out - "Breast feeding is gross, but natural delivery isn't?" As if it isn't bad enough that we have to deal with non-parents voicing their opinions about birth/parenting/etc, now we have to deal w/ backlash from people who seem to "know it all?"

Transition - Jack's teacher said this morning that she was shocked at the amount of bitterness and meanness towards her on Monday. They had no school for a school improvement day, and I guess she attended something that included staff from other area schools. They found out where she worked, and the way they treated her changed. Why? Is she administration? Is she on the board? Did she do anything other than find a job that she loves and wants to do well? Hopefully, that is exactly what these other teachers did too.

I mean, how can you condemn a school, saying it is the worst place in the world, and then be mad at someone who works there because of decisions that higher ups are making to make it a better place? Would you rather see it fail horribly? Of course they are going to make great efforts to succeed! Although, I haven't seen extreme cases of preference at Jack's school. As far as I am concerned, he just has a great teacher, and I hope the rest of the school is doing well too.

I keep forgetting that people are petty. No matter what age or maturity. What was it we decided on the Barge? That for all our trying to be good, treat eachother as we would want to be treated, that come "judgment day" we still expect there to be some sorting order. We are human, and I think this will always be our flaw. Something, somehow should've made us better/more important than "them."

Sad, isn't it? But the good thing in this post is that the 9-12 year old in the play realize the rottenness of society already. I had a talk w/ two of them the other night about kids in their schools, their friends' other schools, and parents. They offered up a lot of opinions that makes me think they will be okay in the future. Sad that they've already learned these lessons, but in the end, it's a good thing too. You have to learn it sometime.

Okay, time to dive into work. Been gone for 3 days while Jack was out of school. Uck.

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