Friday, November 14, 2003

New Pictures

I just added some pictures from my roll of film I got last night. I wanted to get the pictures on a CD, so I asked the clerk if they could do that for 1-hour development. "Sure," he says. So, we go to pick it up before rehearsal only to find out that the cd maker for APS film is broken. Oh, well, gee, nice. So, this morning I am scanning in my downtime. :-)

There is a shot of me and Jack from Homecoming weekend; some pics from Curtis Orchard; and some of the cats. Hehe, I had the urge to take their pictures because Fulgie was doing her cute rolling thing, and then they decide to play. So, that last picture of them "hugging" is too funny.

I will also have pictures up from the Common Rotation show at the Bitter End soon. I only have a handful on this roll. The other roll isn't finished yet. I was trying to watch the show, not capture it frame by frame. ;-)

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