Monday, November 03, 2003

Happy Halloween!

I know, I know, I am late, but still!

This weekend was pretty, wait, no, it was only okay. It started off badly, and ended badly. Halloween was fun, but I was grumpy that night afterwards. Jack was too cute, and I was cracking up watching him walking around in his costume. It was too amusing that he decided after only 1 house that he should've been a ghost. All I could think of was Willow's ghost costume. ;-) So, we managed to go to about 5-6 houses in the immediate area of our house. Jack has never really liked wandering for ages on Halloween. Pictures are already up.

Saturday we went to Peoria because AOE was having Day Away at Sarah's house again. Now *that* was fun. I was up until 5am though, so I was tired and had a headache on Sunday. More grumpiness.

We headed on home - Jack was semi-difficult about it. I can't quite pin down what his new attitude is. I don't think it's about establishing himself as an individual, but it's definitely of the "I am going to do what I want" vibe. When I ask him why he makes the choices he does, it usually comes back as "because I wanted to." Well ... how many times are we going to talk about how that isn't a good enough reason? Your wanting to doesn't tip the scales into actually doing something. *sigh*

Today at school, Mrs. C still seems stressed out. S was throwing a fairly hefty fit. I don't know why all of a sudden S has more problems in the morning. Jack is in a new spot on the rug, so I hope it doesn't cause problems. He used to be next to S and one of the quieter boys. Now, he is on the end of a row, but the boy next to him is much less quiet.

We have play rehearsal tonight, and the thought of that and all the work I need to get done this week is making me feel tired. A friend had a fairly upsetting night last night, and I wish I could just sit and talk with her over coffee about it all. I am so ready for a vacation, but I still can't take one. I *will* be going to NYC for Common Rotation's show on Friday, but it's a 20-hour trip in total. Then, Jack and I will have some quality time off from work and school. All this means that when I get back to the office on Wednesday I will probably be tired, stressed, and playing catch-up. Then, there will be Thanksgiving and Christmas to deal with, and since I have to take so many days off for when school is out, we still can't take a real vacation. Oh, and there is still play rehearsals meanwhile, and then the performances the first two weekends in December.

Fun, fun. I didn't intend to make myself even more tired in writing this. Blah.

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