Monday, November 24, 2003

Common Rotation

Yeah, they rock, and now something that Eric mentioned to me the last time I was in NYC for a show seems to be coming to fruition. This was posted on their messageboard, so spread the word. Hopefully it will be coming from the Street Team or Matt soon so we know the word is indeed true.

Everyone has a place of their own. A place to breathe freely in a somewhat claustrophobic world, a place to kick your shoes off and crank up your favorite folk music, a place to drift off into the seemingly endless abyss of the internet or digital cable television, place tolose and keep track of exactly who you are, a place to get some living done. Some might call it a home. It's only when we share this home with others (whether it an apartment, a house, or a cardboard box behind the supermarket), that we finally develop an intimacy unlike any kind. With a lover, a friend, a family member, or a foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia, we instill these feelings by sharing such a personalized confined space. By opening your home to even a mere visitor there in return opens a new meaningful relationship.

With all of this in mind, Common Rotation has adopteda new campaignplan. In light of there recent success as a folk duo, Adam and Eric,foresee a new future for their U.S. tours. By way of avoiding hostileclubs along with their obscene admission and drink prices the boys would like to forge onto un-folked territory across this great land through the months of February, March, and April of 2004. They want to cut out the middle man and bring their undeniably entertaining show to your living room.

Many fans attending their performances have been driving or flying unspeakably long distances just catch Common Ro in their element and this is still encouraged and appreciated. The one question these travelers always ask that always stumps CR is "When are you coming to(insert small town far away from the Northeast or L.A. let's use Kalamazoo just for fun)?" Well NOW the answer to this is simple. On a strategic date scheduled between the folk club/coffee house engagements of there winter/spring tour Adam and Eric will come to play an intimate performance in your living room. They will bring all of their songs and road rage straight to your couch.

They know that you're thinking there must be a catch. An evening with the CR boyz, in my own home! This is too good to be true. It's not and in fact it is far from complicated. To host a 2 hour Living Room set all you would be required to do is open your door at specific time to 15-20 people and let Common Rotation take it from there. The performance will be of the quality expected at a folk club if not more intimate. Common Rotation will accept 5 to 10 dollar donations to keep them moving from show to show while selling merchandise during and briefly after the set. Immediately following the show everyone will be filed out accordingly leaving you to your humble abode.

All you have to do to schedule a Living Room performance is e-mail us at:

In order for Common Rotation to bring their music to you and create unbreakable ties between them and their fans we need volunteers. Help your favorite folk band reach more people and establish homes in small towns on the east and west coast and everywhere in between.


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