Sunday, November 23, 2003

Another Day, Another 9

Seems like this month is flying by. I am a bit glad, but it's making me very tired. Especially this week I have been having a hard time starting the day. The alarm starts going off at 6am, and I just wish I had a sledgehammer. ;-)

We had Family Reading Night at school on Thursday. That was interesting. Jack won "My Friend Rabbit" and lots of other smaller books. The book fair went really well I think for the school. Jack took $4 on his day and got a book for himself and a gift for Ethan. He had $0.50 in change that managed to not make it home. Oh well. Mrs. C says she taped it to a pink piece of paper that Jack had in his hand when he left for the day. I can only imagine where it ended up during the afterschool program. I know I checked his bag the first thing when I picked him up, and there was nothing resembling change in or around it, so I didn't ask right away if Jack spent all of his money. So then when I do ask, I find out that there should've been some change, and yet there wasn't. Again, I say, oh well.

Sarah came into town yesterday, and we met for lunch w/ her mother-in-law, Barb. Jack was semi-well-behaved. A bit goofy, but then it was only Steak-n-Shake, lol. After that, they went shopping, and we went to the mall. I managed to get a few things crossed off my list, so we headed to the library. We sure spend a lot of time there. The other day, we stopped by after school, and I didn't want to stay too long since it was so late already, but Jack and I played a game of checkers, and an older boy watched then wanted to play a game too. It didn't look like he was there with anyone, so I knew if we left, he wouldn't have a game partner. Instead of leaving, I let Jack have his time on the computer (they have a sign-up sheet), and the boy and I played a match. I won ... um, but he still had fun. I didn't try to really, really win. Gave him pointers and such. I hope he took something good away from it.

Now it's yucky weather again. The past 2-3 days have been almost 70F again. Craziness. But, it's very windy and supposed to start raining again today. Ick. On the day that we need to go grocery shopping too, of course.

Play rehearsal on Monday and Tuesday is a full run-through. Next week will be full run-throughs with costume and make-up. Almost over. Thank goodness. I am too tired of driving back and forth when it is already pitch black out.

Okay - time to get distraction-boy moving in the right direction ...

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