Thursday, October 16, 2003

Rehearsals and other things

We have rehearsals three nights a week. Yuck. I am considering calling tonight to skip because we have a neighborhood meeting, and I have never attended one yet. Plus, tonight is the night where Jack has no parts, and I am just at the market. That is a waste of my gas, I am sorry, but it's true. We're talking over 20 miles of driving to do almost nothing.

The weather has become even more fall like. It is cloudy and chilly today. The leaves are really coming down, and the yard needs a good raking. Obviously though, getting home past 9pm, being at family events every weekend, that leave 2 nights a week for me to take care of the house things. That's not going to happen. I am way too tired by then. Last night I did laundry and vacuumed because the horror of my carpet overwhelmed the tiredness I felt.

So, last night was the first filler episode of Angel this season. Werewolf girl. They didn't mention Oz. They used different make-up and costumes for these wolves. Angel said that vampires can control themselves if they want to. And, something seems to be going on with Spike. I got back on the Beta last night and today, so I have been debating a few speculations out there, but I find it hard to believe the writers would go that way after the way Buffy season 7 was received. We will see, I suppose.

Alias, on the other hand, has been doing great! I am mad that Will is just gone to "witness protection." That's lame in so many ways. I don't really buy Vaughn's new wife just yet, but they have more time to develop that. I remember someone saying she is the daughter of a Senator? Hm, I wonder if they are going to go anywhere with that this season. And for the record, 1) Sloane is in no way good now, and 2) Sark looks good w/ the shaved hair too. ;-)

Okay - I have to get ready for a video thing here at work. The woman who does some of the media programming is interviewing a student about a movie he made. It is about the ghost in the English building on campus. She asked me to be the interviewer. Eep.

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