Saturday, October 18, 2003

The Order of Things

Of course, those songs are not in order of recording any longer. I would have to dig through my piles of stuff to figure that out again. And, it was hard enough just finding the files, so alphabetical it'll have to be.

The audio came out horribly apparently with the interview thing the other day. That kind of bums me out because 1) we probably won't try to reshoot it, and 2) we did the interview straight through in one take, so it went really well. It's hard to do a repeat of that, you know? The room we were in had a loud vent (that we covered with a towel, which helped but it was still amazingly loud on the recording), and the ceilings were pretty high, so you could just tell that you were in a echoey kind of room.

Argh. Ah well.

I am so glad it's the weekend because I am just tired from all the running around we have been doing. This is our first weekend home doing nothing for about 3 weeks now I think. Jack decided he is happy to just hang out at home all day, but we need to go to the store to get a few supplies for school lunches at least. Tomorrow is the kick-off of homecoming week too, so we will probably make an effort to get out to the park where it is going on.

Oh! And in other cool school news, Mrs. C tested Jack in math apparently (I think all of the school was having tests this past week, although Jack couldn't tell me whether or not he'd taken the tests *rolls eyes*). She told me yesterday as we were helping her around the room that he scored at 1.8/1.9 which is the end of first grade level. She'll have all the official results for the parent-teacher conferences coming up sometime soon. She'll be gone all next week though, so it will be interesting to see how the days go with a substitute teacher. Yikes.

The area she said he would have trouble with was working problems backwards. For example, 3 + ___ = 5. What is ___ ? We haven't done those type of problems at home yet, but I showed Jack a few examples last night, and he picked it up pretty quickly. It's basically subtraction disguised as addition. ;-)

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