Friday, October 24, 2003

My Life, Your Life

There is a distinction.

Don't you love total strangers who think they need to weigh in on your life?

Yeah. Me too.

So anyway, this week has flown by ... sort of. I am not as tired as last week, and that is good. We had play rehearsal three times as usual, and that is going well. The actors with the most lines are already off the script, so it seems like it won't take much effort to get the rest pulled together. The director is a bit worried that some people still haven't shown or have dropped out though. I guess one guy is getting married this weekend, lol. Um, if you are planning and having a wedding, why did you audition for a play right in the middle? ;-)

Oh, Christmas lists. That's right.
    For Jack
  1. "Finding Nemo" DVD (Santa's helpers informed me that this has been taken care of.)

  2. "Monster's Inc" DVD (Amazon,

  3. painting supplies - smock, big paper, paints

  4. Photo albums for his pictures

  5. No activity books, crayons, other craft supplies - he has sooo many. No clothes since we are overflowing with those as well. No computer games because we don't have time for them.

    For Me
  1. Buffy DVD - Seasons 3(Amazon, or 4(Amazon,

  2. Angel DVD - Seasons 1 or 2 (Yay for radio contests!)

  3. Firefly - the Complete Series DVD (Amazon,

  4. Stephen King's "Wolves of the Calla" (Amazon,

  5. Photo Albums

I might have to get more creative because the rest of my ideas are gift certificates to stores so I can work on some house projects, lol. Ack. I am always so bad at these lists.

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