Wednesday, October 08, 2003

Gah! Squirrels!

My site has been down for a day and a half or so. I think it's back up now. Sheesh. Hopefully this time no data was lost. *crosses fingers*

Okay - so what's been happening in life? Well, this weekend we were in Peoria to celebrate Grandma's 75th birthday. That was a lot of fun, actually. We stayed with Aunt Amy, spent some time "touring" Peoria, shopped a little, and had a cookout. The weather was still a little chilly, but it has improved since then. (Today should hit 80F.)

A church near Amy's house was having a garage sale, and since Saturday was the last day, you could buy a grocery sack for $3, and whatever fit in it was yours. I found some cool vintage dresses, a skirt and pair of pants for work, a vintage shirt, and a very nice coat. Mom said it was cashmere, but all I knew was it was in perfect shape, very soft, a nice camel color, full-length, and AFL-CIO approved. ;-) My running line at the sale was you knew the clothes were vintage as most of them were "Made in the USA." Now I have some union-approved work clothes. :-p

Of course, Jack didn't think the sale was that much fun. He was being fairly difficult about running errands, but we know now that it was because he had a fever coming on. He did like sifting through the books. And, Amy found a shirt for him, a worker gave him a sparkling baton (Jack kept telling the man he needed to pay for it, but the man insisted he have it for free, lol.), and I snuck a pair of goggles in my bag w/o Jack seeing. That doesn't count as a toy, right?

Off to Nana's house for the cookout. Delicious german-chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert. Grandma opened her gifts, and everyone had fun trying out her blood-pressure gadget, lol. By the morning, Grandma had read the directions, so we could all stop debating the right way to use it and get proper readings, lol.

Uncle Dave was down for the weekend, and Jack had fun chatting him up. As Jack would say, they were "having conversations." Poor Jack though came down with a fever and lost his appetite/sense of humor by late afternoon. He started running a fever of 101° with no other symptoms. We made a pitstop for some medicine and then called it a night. His fever didn't break until Sunday night. It was basically medicine every 6 hours to keep his fever down. It spiked to 102° on Sunday night, but then Monday morning he was 100% better. Appetite was back and everything. Very odd.

Monday was no school, so I took the day off. We hung out at home, tried to clean things up and out a bit, ran errands, and headed to rehearsals for "A Christmas Carol." We have rehearsals 3 times a week until the first week of December. Then, it's time for the show. I have a feeling this is going to make time fly by.

In the meantime, we have Halloween, Thanksgiving, Craig's birthday, work projects, position shifting at the office (retirement & new people), school being out, MCAD exams, then Christmas and the New Year. I would like to fit a vacation in there, lol! Maybe I should just ask for the two weeks Jack is out of school off right now. Hmmm.

Okay - time to get some more things done. Oh, and the squirrels have managed to eat both ears of Indian corn and 1/3 of our smaller pumpkin already in the 1.5 days they were sitting out. Man, those squirrels are notorious!

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