Thursday, October 09, 2003

Angel - "Just Rewards"

This was a good episode. It had me constantly wondering if Spike was going to double-cross Angel or not. Well done, writers.

There was so muck snarky sarcasm flying around, it was great! Angel apparently kept many secrets about everything that went on down in Sunnydale from the rest of the team, and while some people may say "Well, Spike was dead-dead, why should he tell all?," I say he should've told all because (hello?) it was the end of the world (only not, because of a certain someone).

Next week is a werewolf episode. I find it interesting that they are bringing back the werewolf after so long w/o one. I hope they can pull it off. From the quick shot on the preview, the makeup looked quite different from Oz and Veruca. Hm, hope that means it has improved.

We have rehearsal again tonight. Need to set my VCR for ER. *tired*

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