Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Yelling, chopping, lifting, oh my

So, it appears that a little bug is going around. I was told quite a few of the kids in class today took naps when they don't usually, and one boy got phsyically sick. Rats. I don't want Jack to get sick this soon into the school year. He had some yelling issues today too, so I don't think he is taking the change as well as I thought at first - or - they were all just a little bit grumpy/sickly today and got on eachother's nerves.

I read them the fire fighter story this morning though, and they listened really well. Apparently, someone pulled a fire alarm today too, so they got to go through the drill, see the firemen, and the policemen come. Mrs. C spent some time talking about why that is not a safe thing to do - fake a fire alarm - and I mentioned that Jack and I had been discussing "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" over the weekend too.

Tonight we spent all evening dragging sticks and branches from our yard and our neighbors yard into their front yard. They rented a chipper, so we were all using it. They had a ton of stuff! Our pile was only about the size of a small bonfire or really big campfire. They had enough to fill the back of a pickup truck - overflowing. But, now we have some nice mulch for the flowerbeds. :-)

Jack's pet caterpillar was not in his box when we got home, so I think he escaped out the window, lol. I tried to tell Jack that he let the plastic cover get too loose, but oh well. I just hope he isn't wandering around the house somewhere.

When I picked Jack up today, he decided he needed to spin around, fall down, and bang his head on one of the chairs in the cafeteria. He had an instant lump pop out of his forehead. Argh. And of course, the office still had no ice packs and no ice in the lounge freezer. Grr. They don't have a school nurse hired yet either. Now that Jack has hurt himself twice in one week, it is starting to bother me.

Work was interesting today. We had a couple of meetings this morning, and everyone seems a bit stressed. I feel like my role in the project management is rubbing people the wrong way - only sometimes, and only certain people, but I don't know if it is a workload thing or me. I've barely begun with the management, so I am going to vote for "workload" for now. :-p

I went for my jog and lifted weights at Kenney today. That was good. I hate going to lunch with everyone else because the food - while good at times - is just not good for you. They don't call it the Freshman 15 because you sleep 15 hours (through your classes). I love lifting weights, and I haven't had a chance to do that since pretty much Lake Street when we had that bench/machine in the garage. Once I get my garage redone, I will probably set up part of that with a bench.

Add that to the never ending list of things I want to do with the house.

Okay, tired now. So, I'd better head to bed before I find something else to fiddle with.

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