Friday, September 12, 2003

I Spy - Now in Spanish!

The kids were asking where I was this morning. "Where's Jack's mom?" :-) That makes you feel good, you know? We weren't running that late - I think we got to his room at about 7:55am, but most of the kids were already there.

I introduced a bit of Spanish to them the other day, just saying "Adios" when I left instead of "Bye." So this morning, the boys were playing with the dinosaurs, and I asked them if they wanted to hear the Spanish colors today. M was interested, so I told him 5-6 of the basic ones, and then said "I Spy ..." a few times to help him make a game out of it.

I think the class will do great - as long as Mrs. C can keep up with their energy. Ooh boy, some of those boys, lol.

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