Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Happy Tuesday

Although ... it's not a new Buffy Tuesday. No more of those ever. :-(

This weekend was a good one. We had a rough start on Saturday morning due to an argument between Jack and dental hygiene, but eventually things smoothed out. We had to run some errands, and then go to a neighbor's birthday party. That was a good time. Lots of family and friends - he is from Somoa, so his best friend from Somoa was there too.

Jack managed to get a scratched face and a cut on his eyelid from the dog though. Then, last night he got his arm in Max's mouth and was upset over that. He is a walking tragedy this month. I am beginning to see why they invented kid-sized bubble containers. Sheesh.

Sunday was just gorgeous. We spent most of it outside - of and on taking care of the yard and playing with the neighbor's grandkids.

Oh! Thyme, the cat we've only had for 1 year now (in November) decided she wanted to be an outside kitty this week. She managed to squeeze out the screen door before it was closed all the way three times! The last time was Monday morning, and it was rainy, we were heading to the car, so I told her "Go have fun being an outside cat!" Yeah right.

And guess who was huddling in the highest point of the corner of the garage when we got home? Yep. Big scaredy cat.

Time to get some work done. Focus. Someone else I know was mentioning focus in the workplace. I need some of that too today. Argh.

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