Sunday, July 27, 2003

What a weekend. Work finished up with a bit of a bang. We had some demos that almost went kablooey, but otherwise fine. I have my two bigger projects due on Tuesay (although in a way end of business Monday).

Yesterday was the auditions for "A Christmas Carol." I will be excited to see which parts Jack and I get. We also went to the mall where MIX 94.5 was having auditions for a radio DJ contest they are having. I figure I have nothing to lose, and maybe I will get to spend some time in a job surrounded by music - a definite plus.

Today we went up to Gma's really quickly to celebrate Mom's birthday. We still had aunt Amy's present too. Michael is up visiting from Florida, so we got to spend a little time with him and uncle Dave.

It keeps looking like it's going to storm but then doesn't. I got all my chores accomplished yesterday. It's so nice to have the laundry taken care of and the lawns under control again. Apparently, glaring doesn't keep them from growing. Who would've figured. ;-)

Time for dinner then bedtime.

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