Sunday, June 22, 2003

Ouch. I am sunburnt. For once we get sun, and I get burnt. Oh well. We spent the last two days at Mom's house painting and such, and when I told Jack to avoid my swimsiut top in putting on the sunblock, I didn't think he'd miss my whole upperback. *lol* So, my shoulderblades now look like they belong on a lobster. It doesn't hurt ... much. And, it should be better in a few days.

We had lots of fun painting the shed and the front porch area. Jack helped with the shed, and then took off to play with the neighbor's dog. He took the opportunity to cut himself on something by their play area. No big deal, but his thumb was cut by a thorn of some sort. The rest of the two days, I think he had 1-2 more accidents where he stubbed or scraped something or other. In other words, a typical Jack weekend.

Mom and I went through some things in her garage too, trying to find everything that belonged to me so I could get it out of her way. Jack was going crazy over all my old toys, wanting to keep everything, but there just isn't room. While we were doing that, he had fun with a big box that became his spaceship. He also had some quality time with two inflated innertubes from the pool stuff. It's so funny the things he can keep himself occupied with. Did I mention he's been singing this temple/religious chant sounding song the last two days? It's so funny, because you can usually tell if someone is just humming to a familiar tune, but his actually sounds like something original and the words stay the same. Well, they aren't really English words. Just his own language. Still, very cute.

Now that we are home, I have a lot of things to get done around here though. Class was extremely long, but useful. I have some big projects to tackle at work before we can take our vacation out to see Aimée and Craig. I also need to confirm our plans for going down to Orlando while the flight prices are so low. Just needed to get some "Jack Notes" down before I forgot them. Now, on to other lists before I forget them ....

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