Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Oh yeah, there's nothing quite like 2 hours of sleep. ;-) I was up pretty late last night working on the birthday project for Mike's site. I didn't start until 9pm because I was trying to give everyone lots of time to send in their pictures or messages, and I would have been done around 2am, but then testing and other things happened. At first, it looked like it didn't want to load properly on the web site, so we spent about 30 minutes (Lael, Gwen, and I) trying to see if it would load and what I could change to make it better. Then, all of a sudden it decided it wanted to work, and Gwen decided she wanted to add her message too. Argh. So, at around 2:30am, I started adding her picture, and Lael started writing the announcements for the various places it would need posted.

This would be fine and good if Lael's announcements were short and direct, but they tend to be imaginative, loosy-goosy, and entertaining. So, that's good, but my head just kept wanting to flop down on my keyboard. It was 4am before I knew it, and Lael wasn't quite done with the last announcement yet, lol. So, I went to bed and said I would see it in 2 hours when I had to be up anyway. This morning, her last message to me was that the CoRo board had gone down while she was working on it, so thank goodness she'd saved it. No kidding!

Once I was up though, I was not as tired as I might be. I have a morning meeting today, so it's not like I could keep snoozing. So far, everyone seems to like the collage, and no one has had problems getting it to load. The music to the piece is an instrumental piano that Mike played and they had on the CoRo site's Union Maid feature in April. If you want to really enjoy the little movie, it's nice to have sound to go with it.

Okay, time to get ready for that meeting ...

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