Saturday, June 14, 2003

More interesting developments along the Reading Rainbow line, but I don't really feel like typing them all out right now. We were all online in the chat for over 2 hours last night dishing things out. *sigh* I had a feeling this would happen.

It's a beautiful day out today. We spent some time outside to mow the back lawn already. The park district is having a strawberry jam at Meadowbrook this afternoon, so we will be heading there to enjoy strawberries, ice cream, and music. We tried to go for a walk last night, but Jack mananged to have his 100th minor injury of the month while we were out, so we had to turn back and go home. *lol* He was wearing his sandals and decided to skip ahead of me on the sidewalk. Of course, I always tell him he falls in his sandals, and he always says he'll be careful and not fall. Well, his toe caught on something, he did the little slow motion hop from foot to foot never quite catching his balance before finally tipping over and landing on one knee and an elbow. It's too funny, but not in a mean way. I just know exactly how those things happen from experience. And there was nothing I could've done to stop him.

Of course, he was quite upset. It wasn't that bad, but he did make himself bleed, so we headed home. He calmed down along the way and confessed that just when his head was healed, he had to go and bust his knee and elbow. : ) Silly, silly.

This week we have to be in Peoria for another one of my classes. This is a pretty big one too. Five days, and it covers the material for supposedly hardest test. The garage sale at Gma's is this weekend, so mom and Amy are there doing that. We would've gone up too except I would've needed to come back to take care of the cats at some point, and gas is outrageous yet again. I think I saw yesterday that it jumped up more to $1.59/gal.

I am in the middle of making tapes for everyone from the PBfP, but it is slow going still. I have 14 done though. Only 10 more or so left.

Okay - time to head out. It's too nice of a day to be inside much more. : )

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