Monday, June 09, 2003

Another interesting Illinois weekend. We ended up heading to Peoria so that I could help out with pre-garage sale activities, and yesterday was absolutely gorgeous. Then, as is the usual, today was cool (verging on cold) and very windy. The storms acted like they were going to roll in, but we seemed to have avoided them this time.

Poor Fulgie had to go to her Vet appt. on Saturday, but it was pushed back til the afternoon. She cried the whole way in the car there and back. I had to tip the carrier completely on the vertical to dump her out when we got in the room because she was NOT coming out! *lol* At least she didn't get sick or anything like Abby and Dillon used to. On the upside, she didn't even noticed the 2 shots. She just wanted back in the cage where she could hide. Poor thing.

Steve emailed me back finally from, so I am hoping Matt still has an opening in CoRo's schedule so that they can come play at the Canopy Club. That would rock so much! : D

I made plans to head out to Aimée's for the 4th of July. Now I just have to get it on my schedule and run it by KC. It shouldn't be a big deal except that Eric is gone to a class that week. So, I probably won't be able to take off until Thursday. I still want to take a trip back down to Orlando though because Jack is asking when we are going to go. It will have been another 3 months if we wait until August.

Okay, it's late, and as I write this I realize it is all very boring and nothing has happened since Thursday. ; )

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