Saturday, May 17, 2003

So, we went to the Peter Pan auditions this morning. That was interesting. No matter what part you are auditioning for, you have to learn a dance and sing a song (or a bit of a song). So, Jack learned his, and I learned a different one. We both sang. *shudder* They don't even have you read any lines. Maybe it was because we were so awful! *lol* But, being a community theater, you'd think they would not dismiss people so quickly. I guess the lady I mentioned previously is proof otherwise. They want you to be able to sing and dance, but who cares if you can act. And, I saw kids there who were definitely as young as Jack, so pfft to her.

After that was over, I felt bad. I don't think we will find out what the cast is until Thursday according to one volunteer. But, if we don't get parts, fine. I guess there's no better time than now for Jack to learn that you don't always get the things you want. Even though he knows that from me always telling him. ; ) This is different. A disappointment type thing. It's not like losing a game; it's not being picked. We'll see how it goes.

We headed straight for Builder's Day after that. It was already noon by then, and it had started at 11am. The weather was overcast, but warm, so the event was pretty busy. We went straight for the building area and got out supplies. Last night Jack said he wanted to make a sign for when things were for sale, but he changed his mind as we were picking out pieces of wood and decided he'd rather make a bench. So, we found some neat, thinner pieces that looked like they came from floorboard. They were stained and molded. After some trial and error, we got the pieces together in a workable state, Jack took some swings with the hammer, and it was all set. We moved over to the painting and just covered the bare wood on the backs with a green color. Later, we put "Jack & Mom, 5-17-03" on the bottom, just like last year. It is now sitting in our front flowerbed. We also painted the word 'plant' on the backing, and soon we'll find some smallish plant to put on there. : )

Jack managed to complete the climbing air maze thing they had there again this year. Last year, he couldn't quite reach between the grips on the wall climb. Yay Jack! We also got some more plants, did the molding and tiling, checked out the electric and phone tables, and then got a couple of raffle tickets. You can win a playhouse that they build there right during the event, or some other things from the Children's Museum. We most likely won't win anything. I never win those things, but it was a donation to the museum, so that's okay.

We didn't leave there until a little after 2pm, so we headed straight for Rantoul. The auditions for "Faith County" were from 1-5pm, and we needed to get there in time to pick up the video tape with "Aurora" on it. I wasn't going to audition, but I decided to anyway. I really enjoy doing the plays, but I hate to do something that Jack can't be a part of. That makes it really hard on him. Having a busy schedule is one thing if he is involved, but to drag him along and keep him late for something that only I am in ... that's something I am still debating. I told Jessice, the director, that if she has someone else in mind for whatever role she would give me, then that is fine. She understood, but I don't know if they will have so many people trying out that she can just pass some up. We'll see I suppose. She is calling people for the cast tomorrow. Things move much more quickly there.

Then, we came home, planted the tomato plants we had brought home from day care the other day, planted the flower from the Builder's Day, and then tackled the jungle that is my back yard. I managed to get about half of it done before the mower ran out on me. I swear the grass is over 1' high. It grows terribly quickly when we get this rainy weather. I filled in the hole from digging up that one post, but it needs some soil to top it off. Then, I took the spade to the one wild berry bush that was trying to grow at the northwest corner of the house. I don't know how I missed that one in my digging escapades the other week. It didn't want to let go, but I wasn't giving up. As I finally got it lose, I showed it to Jack and said "I won!" *lol* That's a tradition now. : D

Nothing else exciting happened this evening. It kept acting like it wanted to rain, but didn't. I wanted to go to the library, but I guess Jack had enough of runnin around for one day because he decided we could save that for tomorrow. So, that's our big plan for the rest of the weekend. Hit the library since we've never been to Champaign's, and then I need to mow the rest of the lawn if it doesn't rain. Oh, and I still need to go to Menard's or somewhere for more tools to work in the yard, seed/weed stuff, a plant for Jack's bench, a ladder, yada yada. At least the grocery shopping is out of the way for a bit.

Eric is gone all next week for a class and taking vacation. The office is mine! All mine! Muwahahaha! ; )

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