Tuesday, May 13, 2003

So, the play's over. I thought it went really well. We made enough money the first Saturday night alone to double what it cost to make the play, so that's good. We were a success. And, despite the bad weather/tornados, people still came out the second weekend too. Matt (Sir Reginald) was sick on Saturday, so J (stage manager) played his part. It was too funny, and the audience loved it. Some for J's acting ability, mostly for the fact that Matt is 8 (?) and J is 28 (?). : ) We had a good time doing this. Jack really enjoyed the social parts too. They will be starting on their production of "" in late July, so we will probably go back for Jack to do that. Otherwise, we will be going to the auditions for "Peter Pan" next weekend in Champaign. I don't want to commit to something for myself that would interfere with a play for Jack, so we will do "Peter Pan" first. Plus, there are potential roles there for me too.

We are in Peoria again this week for my XML class. Lots and lots of listening and things boring me to tears. I just hope I get something to apply these things to soon, or else I am going to start pulling my hair out. Or ... just forget it all. And that's not good since I have to take those tests later on. My last class is scheduled for September, so sometime after that, I will spend a good chunk of time studying and then testing.

We celebrated Mother's Day late last night by going out to dinner quickly with Amy, Mom, and Gma. Just to Olive Garden, but still. It was rushed, and I didn't really think it was necessary, but it was something everyone else wanted to do. I wouldn't have minded if they had celebrated without us. We've been so busy that I am tired a lot, and running around more than what I already have scheduled is unfun. Oh well.

Thanks to Mom, I got to watch the last two episodes of Angel on Sunday night. They were good, but left me a bit unsatisfied. I think that is mostly because I am (im)patiently awaiting the end of Buffy. There were funny parts, interesting parts, and the show is going in a new direction, but at the same time, some things were wrapped up too quickly and some things were left undone. That's how it always is I guess. Tonight is the first to the last episode of Buffy. Hard to believe. Weird of me to think it's hard to believe.

Lots of friends from the Linear and Barge made it to the Flashback Weekend in Chicago last weekend. We were in the play, so obviously we couldn't make it. That sucked big time! I have been reading all their reports about meeting James Marsters, Danny Strong, and Tom Lenk, and it sounds like they had such a great time together! The one time there is a semi-affordable convention in my state (even though, technically, I've never been to a convention), and I can't go. Oh well. I am sure there will be other opportunities. Just not this one with all my friends. : (

Jack and I took his new kite out yesterday. It's a cool bi-plane made with real fabric and fiberglass rods. The weather has been very unkind, tornados and cold weather again. The wind was gusting, so it was very hard to keep the kite up in the air. We really need just steady wind, not gusts. Maybe we can try again this evening.

Jack was cute on Sunday morning. He brought my card and gift that they made at daycare in to my bed. "You can open it now Mom." He'd been dying for me to open it and trying his best not to ruin the surprise. : ) It was a nice little note holder that they made themselves. He had a hard time going to bed last night. Seems like little things are setting him off these days. I don't know if it had to do with being away from home or what. I just don't notice that behavior at home. He had a rough time while Rose was here, but that could be attributed to the guest and play. We'll see how things go when we are home for a few days straight, with regular, boring activities occupying our time. ; ) The poor thing. I felt so bad for him because once he is halfway calmed down, he feels bad for what he did, and it can set him off all over again with the tears.

Oh, one thing I almost forgot. My old penpal, Catrice, from Trinidad & Tobago, found me via Yahoo yesterday. I received an email inquiring if I was the same Dana she wrote to, and, of course, I was. That was pretty cool. We've been writing since 1992 or so. We lost touch a bit after she went to college in Rhode Island, but I know we exchanged letters at least once since Jack was born. I remember her sending him something. Now, she is in Ft. Lauderdale, married, and has a 5 year old stepson. It will be nice to get back in touch with her and maybe finally visit her in person or talk on the phone. It amazes me that I have met people from all over the world in person that I only corresponded with online for 1 year or so, and yet, and 10-yr penpal and I have never spoken on the phone. : ) The internet is a pretty amazing thing. I should also say that Buffy is an amazing thing, since that is the group of friends I have met. : )

I guess nothing much else is going on. But, I still want a vacation.

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