Saturday, May 17, 2003

Okay, just a quick little post because we are going to be running around all day today. I picked up the tickets yesterday and got the front lawn mowed, but the back still needs done. Unfortunately, it looks like rain today.

We have the Peter Pan auditions to go to from 9:30-12 somewhere in there. Which, we stopped by the threater groups office yesterday, and a 70-something lady irked me to no end by saying that Jack was too young. Too young?! I just told we just finished that other play! He hadn't even spoken, we had been standing there for 15 seconds, and from *that* should could tell that the Art Director wouldn't like him?? Grrrr. I guess the other director was right, some people just don't like working with kids and should NOT be doing a play WITH kids as the primary roles if they don't like it. The "Gma so she should like kids" lady said they recommend kids starting at 3rd grade. That's 9 years old! I can't imagine holding Jack back until then just because they think he can't be loud enough. Then she made a comment that it's a difficult score, so there's singing, but who said he had to have a singing part? I didn't say he would read for Peter, I'm not that dillusional. Grrr again. The other thing is, the ages are not specified on the web site, and I asked them about that. It just says 12 and under. AND, it specifies that there are a number of smaller, probably, non-speaking parts for Indians and Lost Boys for the dances. I would be fine even if that was what Jack did. I want him to be involved in a variety of ways, so he can see what it's all about. He really likes being involved, so he doesn't care what his part is. I just couldn't believe she had the nerve to turn someone away like that. You're going to tell me that the local theater group has so many people banging down their down, that she can afford to do that?

So, I basically directed all my questions at the other man, and the lady still talked over him answering them, and I said "We'll still see you tomorrow." : )

There's a Builder's Day from 11-5 or something that is a lot of fun. We built and painted a box to go around our mailbox post last year. They have laborers from all different aspects volunteer their time and supplies so the kids can get their hands dirty with building, painting, tiling, masonry, etc. There are some fun things like those air-filled things, doing rubbings, plants, and it's all in the parking lot of the Children's Museum, so you can go there too.

Then, there are the auditions for Faith County in Rantoul where we did the other play from 1-5 I think. We have to go to pick up the video from our play, but I don't think I will audition because I don't want to commit to something that Jack can't be a part of. That would be too hard, having him have to occupy himself while we are rehearsing all the time.

Of course, it looks overcast and chilly. I really hope the sun comes out by noon. I got my front lawn mowed yesterday, but my back yard is a jungle and seriously needs done. It'd be nice to do some laundry and hang it to dry instead of running up the electricity bill some more.

I guess that's it for my day. Gotta feed Jack some more breakfast. He always eats the most in the AM. Guess his body is programmed right. I almost always skip breakfast. I'm just not hungry then. Need to dunk him in a bath, then get myself ready for the day. And the cats are being all whiny. Bah, you *have* food, scoot!

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