Wednesday, May 28, 2003

Oh man, poor Jack. We just got back from the doctor's office, and he had to get 4 shots for his physical. Ouch. It could have been 5 because they changed the rules about the chicken pox vaccine so that it is now required in order to attend public schools. Unless, of course, you write a letter stating a religious objection. So, we are saving that vaccine for another appointment between now and August. We had talked about getting shots a few days ahead of time because we just took Thyme to get her shots, but right at the last minute, Jack got really nervous and scared. They did the TB one first, and after that Jack did NOT want to get anymore, but we counted down like we said we would, and the nurse did a good job of going through the last 3 as quickly as possible. The TB one is the worst because it is drawn out to make sure they get that bubble under your skin.

Jack did a good job though. He held very still, and even though he got upset and cried, he wasn't thrashing or refusing to cooperate. He just cried "Owie, it hurts." over and over again. I challenge any person to go through that many shots and try to comfort a child without getting a little upset too. : )

Jack got four stickers for the four shots, and a butterscotch sucker to boot. And I say I'm a mean mom, pfft. See how nice I can be after torture? ; )

We were going to try for a playdate at McDonald's but the weather was against us. There are tornado warnings going on around Bloomington, and they are supposed to be heading our way. Fun, fun. So, it's a night in tonight.

We went to Touch a Truck this morning, a program by the Champaign Park District that invites people to come visit the park where lots of different vehicles are set up for them to explore. There was a firetruck, ambulance, mail carrier, tow trucks, fire emergency vehicles, utility trucks, a radio station van, a swat team truck, a bomb squad vehicle, a Schwan's truck, a Pepsi truck, city buses, and some more besides those. We had a little picnic lunch while we were there, and a person by the fire truck took polaroids of visitors at the fire truck. So, Jack and I have a new picture on the fridge, yay!

Speaking of pictures, I finally got that last roll of film developed. There are pictures on there from Jack's birthday party all the way up to pictures from the play. I will take them to work tomorrow to scan if I remember.

Time to figure out what's going to be for dinner tonight ...

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