Tuesday, May 20, 2003

It's the End of the World As We Know It

Okay - wow. There is a lot to write about in here from the last two days.

First, I got a phone call from day care right as I was leaving work yesterday. I was 15 minutes later than usual, and I get a call saying Jack fell off the tire swing and has a cut on his head. So, I rush out, envisioning the worst, and hitting every red light on the drive across town. I was worried, and upset, but I kept my cool until I thought about the playground and the staff. Now, I love this staff and school. It is a great place that I am grateful for because Jack has been cared for there for the last 5 years, but the staff has a tendency to sit down on the job (literally) while the kids are playing outside. So, I decided I would only be upset if I got there and the staff were all sitting down under the trees.

And were they? Yes. So, I go inside to retrieve Jack, find that his injury is not quite so serious as I worried, and spoke to his teacher who was not outside at the time. Turns out, Jack was swinging on the tire swing with his feet outside, not inside, so that's why he fell. He got a scrap on the back of his shoulder and a chunk of skin no bigger than a pinky fingernail out of the back of his head. Nothing horrendous like I was expecting. I mentioned to his teacher that maybe the rules should be enforced a little better on the playground, and she suggested I speak with the director because she has mentioned the same thing and supposedly gone round and round about it.

So, I go out to the playground thinking the director is out there, but she's not. So, I approached the tire swing area where the teachers are all sitting under the tree. Now, this was an overcast 70ish day. Not very hot, and no sun to speak of, so sitting under the tree really gives you no relieve. But I digress, because 10ft away on the tire swing are 3 of Jack's classmates, also swinging with their feet on the wrong side, just like Jack 20 minutes earlier! Argh. So, I asked the girls to switch around so they don't get hurt like Jack. And I mention to the teachers that perhaps things could work differently, that I was upset to find them all sitting, that I appreciate their hard work, and that the director is the only one to make decisions for them, but that Jack is a child who will listen to them, and all it would've taken was them to even just yell across the 10ft to tell him to do it properly so that he didn't get hurt, he would've listened the first time, and yes that I know kids get hurt, but I come pick him up and see things going on with other kids in the sandbox and elsewhere over toys, and I wanted to talk to the director, please let her know.

*breathe in - breathe out*

So, anyway. It was 5pm by then, and I couldn't take Jack to the doctor's office, and it really wasn't enough for a visit to the emergency room, so we went home and bandaged him up. He was upset at the thought of a 'butterfly' bandaid and cutting his hair by the wound, but we manage to just trim around the area and leave the stuff above it long so that it fell down over the bandaid. It looks like it is healing nicely on its own, so we are avoiding stitches for today. I spoke with the director this morning, and she said that the playground supervision is actually one of her current projects; that she has been spending time observing from the office and wants to make some changes. Good. I guess that is the end of that saga.

Now, on to the Buffy stuff. I hope whoever is reading this has seen the finale because I don't know if I can really spoiler font it or not ... unfortunately, I am too tired to do much more than repost what I have already used on the message boards. And, if you are not a fan, or haven't at least seen an episode or two, you might be a touch lost on all the follows. So, here goes:

Now ...

I was thinking about all the people in SunnyDale when they were talking about the mall. Good thing it evacuated is right. SunnyDale has been officially swallowed up by the Hellmouth. "From beneath you, it devours." We now know.

"Spike, Spike, my beloved Spike." --- You can say that again. Man. Oh man. The First tried to get him to betray Buffy by leading him to see the face-suckage, but instead he went back and took out his frustration like any normal person on a boxing bag with a (highly accurate if I might add *eg*) image of Angel. What was it he called him? Tall, dark, and forehead?? And, how dare they let Angel call Spike Captain Peroxide. That's Xander's pet name for Spike. ; )

Spike was the champion and laughing all the way out of this world. "I want to save the world."

"I love you." - "No you don't. But thanks for saying it." I mean, come on!! *cry*

THE CHAMPION! Darn straight! At first I thought maybe it was getting rid of the demon in him though - Angel said something about purifying power. Therein lies the secret to how/why/if Spike comes back in the future. I think the amulet was purifying Spike, ridding him of his demon, and we will in fact probably see him arriving on ATS as a human, if and when he arrives on ATS. That is the Shanshu prophecy from earlier seasons of Angel. They thought it was about Angel because at the time, he was the only vampire with a soul. But we have now seen that the second vampire with a soul played a major role in the apocalypse. He made his sacrifice, and his reward (according to the prophecy) is to become human. Afterall, having two vampires with souls on one show might be a touch much. And what's more, if/when Spike comes back there is no SunnyDale for him to return to, so the logical thing to do would be to lookup his family in LA. Another thought I just had was that at the end of Season 6, Spike said "make me what I was." Well, perhaps the demon did, it just took some time to take? He will be human again, but the demon didn't do it right then, he just set him on the path to become "what he was."

Bangel. *sigh* So there may be something there afterall. But, the thought that I forgot and now remembered was this: what if W&H knew what the amulet would do when they gave it to Angel? Did they want him to be destroyed and then have control over his crew? Now that Spike is destroyed, will he have to work off an after-death clause like Lilah because the amulet came from W&H? There are lots of possibilities and repercussions next season on ATS. With that reverse-Key/Dawn trick they did with Connor, what will happen to the Angel/Wes dynamic, where is Darla, what about Cordy and Angel's feelings for eachother, what will Cordy know when/if she wakes? But, my thoughts wander to things which we won't possibly know anytime soon ...

But Buffy DID tell Spike she loved him. Yes, she did. And he made sure she left him, because as Mags so deftly pointed out, if he had said it back, she probably wouldn't have left him there alone.

Anya, dear sweet Anya Fight all those bunnies. I knew Andrew would get to bunnies would he said picture happy things. And that gave Anya just the vision she needed to fight. I was still sad to see her get sliced. *sniff* And when Xander was calling for her when leaving, but couldn't see her body in the rubble. Gah.

Caleb "split" LOL. I was still thinking maybe the First was inhabiting him, but I guess I was wrong. I appreciated the comment that led to the opening credits: "Are you ready to finish this bitca?" Darn straight we're finishing this. We may not like that it's going to be finished, but finish it we shall!

I liked the separation of the SITs and the Scoobs as they were entering the school too. Dawn said it right, that anything would sound like good-bye. And of course, Giles has to recycle his ending line from "WTTH" - "The earth is (definitely) doomed." Finally (!!) we got our old Giles back. What was up with all his uncharacteristic behavior this season? Thank goodness Joss scripted this last one, so we got our lovely Giles back. Even if he was wearing the terrible sweatsuit zip-up jacket thing. ; )

Did I absolutely love it? No, because there wasn't enough time. I'll take the liberty of script from "I Will Remember You" ---
"How long do we have?" - "About 5 minutes" - "No, that's not enough time. I won't forget. I'll never forget, never forget." - "Shhh, shhh." - "Never forget."

I too loved the idea of spreading out the power. Great! I liked the fact that Joss chose clips of girls in all facets of life where they might've needed that extra power - confidence in sports, defending and standing against an abuser, and life and/or their "role" in general. I really liked some of the SITs too after they got their power. Even Kennedy wasn't as annoying once she could kick butt. Vi was awesome, and I was glad to see that Rona made it, but I couldn't believe Amanda didn't. For a second there, right after Buffy got hurt, they made it seem like everyone was getting knocked down, and I thought the casualties were really piliing up: Amanda, random SIT, Anya, Andrew, Faith, Wood. Then, the FE decides to come back and gloat - did it learn nothing from Ethan Rayne? You don't stick around to gloat! And Buffy had one of the best lines of the night - "Get out of my face!" Literally and figuratively. : ) Then, the whole underdog fighting began. Yay!

The Faith/Wood exchange was silly, but about the only truly comic relief for me. That, and the role playing. Giles pouting during the Dungeons & Dragons type role playing game reminded me of ... some other Watcher pouting occurence, but I can't put my finger on it.

We need more watchers if all the potentials around the world are automatically (already) inheriting their Slayer powers and senses, I guess that could be the future of Dawn? Well, she did call herself Watcher Junior to the library.

Still in shock, I would've liked someone besides Buffy to ackowledge what Spike did. Dawn barely reacted, and she probably cared the most for Spike outside of Buffy of all the others.

I don't know what else to say right now. You knew Anya was going to die when she was the only one getting sleep before the battle. "Only the crazy ones."

Other funny moments:
Willow making fun of Buffy's intelligence to Kennedy. Kinda funny in an old fan knows what she means way.
Panning to reveal Andrew in his red riding hood.
Anya's slightly muffled comment upon leaving the room with Xander to round up the cannon fodder -- "Anya, we don't call them that." - "Well, no, not to their face. What am I? Insensitive?"
Andrew sending a "Shout Out" to his brother!

That's all (for now) folks!

I know there are more I am forgetting.

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